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    So it begins again.

    Wow! Youve either brave or have an understanding other to allow building in the kitchen...watching this one!
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    Reso-Tele Social Distance Build: Where to start?

    Gut feeling, the proposed design will have to be an intonation compromise, I don’t believe perfect intonation can realistically be achieved on a Reso cone....just build it and put up with it, it is what it is....I doubt the average listener would notice anyway
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    New Design Proto Build - Sly

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    Headless, truss rod-less, (nearly) weightless...

    Really liking where this is going
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    Headless, truss rod-less, (nearly) weightless...

    This is very interesting, nice to see something a bit different in progress..I’m subbed!!
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    Coodercaster Tele Build

    Similar pickups different execution! Custom Swamp Ash Mustang body routed for 2 P90’s no bridge routing Fender Coronado Bridge with Bubba Mod to 3 compensated Tele saddles (top mount strings) Plain white Mustang scratchplate modded to fit round the Mojo Lap pickup and Mojo P90 size Gold...
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    Guitarbuild UK Telemaster guard

    I think I still have one Pete, Ill have a look later...
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    Attack of the headless canoe paddle guitar-like creature

    Superb build, I like those gearless tuners a lot and have them on two headstocks - never thought about using them for a headless - genius!! Subbed and watching with interest.....
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    Matching multi-scale guitar and bass

    Wow! Just, Wow!
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    What's on your workbench today?

    The Cooderstang Custom order Swamp Ash Mustang body Squier Bullet Mustang neck with locking tuners Mojo pickups Lap Steel pickup at the bridge A Mojo P90 size Goldfoil wound to Teisco spec will replace the neck P90 (should arrive early next week) Toronado bridge modified to top loader with...
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    Matching multi-scale guitar and bass

    Superb, inspiring video, thanks for sharing!

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