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    Album covers

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    Random Daily Photos November 2022 Edition

    Getting the train out to put under the tree. The newspaper is the Cleveland Press from January 14, 1982
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    Neil Young and Rick Rubin: 'World Record'

    I watched this on my lunch break today and thought it was a great interview. I just wonder if they know that Shangri La Studios used to be a bordello.
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    My favorite Gretsch player ever

    Mine is this guy…
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    The Game

    At least today the Browns & Cavs made up for the Buckeyes disappointment
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    Seldom Seen Old Pics of Famous Musicians

    Stephen’s poncho is in the R&R Hall of Fame…
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    The Game

    I apologize for wasting everyone’s time :)
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    The Game

    This might be the worst thread I’ve ever started!
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    The Game

    Oh…. The empty table is for Michigan fans!!!
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    The Game

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    Got your holiday lights up?

    The outside is finished….
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    Got your holiday lights up?

    We’re outside working on them now, I’ll post photos later.
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    ID this pickup truck?

    Crap, that’s mine…I totally forgot where I parked it!
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    Hey Happy Thanksgiving To All!

    Rick Danko said it best….
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    I'd like to wish you an apolitical happy day of gratitude

    Same to you blowtorch!!!!