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  • Hi Chip, I just purchased a zebrawood/sapele blank and contemplating a Jerry style guitar build, trying to decide between the Wolf or Tiger shapes. Are your cad files still available? Thanks Steve
    Hey Steve

    Yes, I still have the drawings.
    I just need you email address and I’ll send them.
    Hi chip, i'm tim, a belgian deadhead, looking for guitar templates of wolf, (if i could manage to build it with the help of a friend it would probably be the first jerry replica here in belgium) it would be awesome if you could help me out! Thanks in advance, peace.
    Hi Chip, I'm Rick and searching for scaled templates of Jerry's Tiger or Rosebud got me to an old thread here were you created scaled PDF's of these... those links are now dead. Do you still have those available? If so could I beg copies off you? I'm looking to build a bit of a hybrid next year and am trying to do my homework ahead of time.
    Thanks in advance for your consideration brother, peace.
    Hello Chip. Smiling or not, another warm picture thanks. I added several guitars in the past year as it happened, but none made me as happy as my first grandchild, Emily, 8 months old yesterday.
    All best wishes to you all
    Geoff in England
    Beechwood Drive.
    It must be a different jmiles down the street from me.

    I'm in the Rolling Brooke development of off Twinsburg Road.
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