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    Pin stripe or no?

    I like the look of the Tele as is ( but I dig the look and taste of vanilla ice cream. So maybe a little boring in my tastes)
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    Do you have names for your guitars?

    Not really, In the late 1970's, I named my first 2 guitars after Allman Brothers songs - my Nagoya N-28 ( D-28 copy) was ' Jessica' ( as I actually played a very dumbed-down version of this song on it/acoustic folk group!) - my electric ( a 1976 Gibson Les Paul Signature) was ' Melissa'...
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    Ramones - She’s The One

    " NO UPSTROKES!!!"
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    More volume out of Monoprice 5-watt tube amp?

    All good right now. But in my own 'directive' of keeping things portable with this amp ( as I do own, and gig with other larger, still small combo amps) I have decided to go with trying a more powerful/efficient 8" WGS speaker. This speaker should be louder than the (2) 10" ones I actually...
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    Jeff Beck in 1975

    Every time this thread ( or others w/same clip) comes up, I gotta watch and listen! Jeff's control of the guitar ( and his hands), confidence in what he's playing, and relaxed demeanor ( at least appearance of...) is so good! Both intimidating and inspiring, like: " Maybe someday with a lot...
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    What's Your Essential Pedals?

    Boring, yet perfect Boss ( all 20+ years old) for me: Tuner> Blues Driver> Chorus Ensemble ( fake Leslie setting) or Tremolo (just one on board)> DD-3 Delay - I will stack a Biyang Rat clone with ( always ON Blues Driver) when I want harder distortion ( for '70's hard rock we.may do...
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    The Best Guitar You Never Play

    Me too! ( it took a few years ( and now years ago), but everything gets played at gigs or home 4 electrics 2 acoustics * IMO, not having any duplicates guitar styles helps: keeps things fresh playing different guitars and 'everyone' stays busy!
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    do you like model trains?

    Model trains ( I had buddies on our suburban street that had nice big sets/towns...) are one 'toy' in a long list of many, I wished for, as a kid in the 1960's. But my 'frugal' ( being nice) Gov't servant dad would never think of buying along with racing slot-car tracks, a drum set...
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    Reverb pedal for 70's Vibro Champ

    I think I definitely use my delay ( old Boss DD-3) in the 'annoying' range, for getting my slapback sound, say, for rockabilly/Country, Dead, or Surfy stuff I definitely use a wider delay time ( I just go by ear, so don't know the time length- long enough to hear a distinct/separate repeated...
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    Needs and Gear Buying

    I have generally, 2 'rules' that I try to stick to, but I kind of 'stretch': #1-no duplicates of anything! ( specifically guitars) Which means 1 Tele, 1 Strat, 1 dread., 1 SG, etc., #2- don't buy anything that will not get used at gigs or home (apartment) It's with #2 that things have widened...
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    Just Jimmy Vaughan...

    Love it, thanks! Jimmie seems so approachable and humble- someone you could just jam with.
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    Overdrive GAS

    For me it has been a two-tiered quest: The first... ( really solved over 20 years ago, even though I tried for years after, trying to see if there 'is something better?'- there isn't!) .... was the discovery of the Boss Blues Driver- I heard someone at a local gig playing one it 1997- it has...
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    What crazy guitar would you like to own some day?

    I don't have too much of a crazy guitar lust but I Think a Firebird or Jerry Garcia's 'Wolf' would be at the top of my list
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    Build Your 5 Pedal Board

    Almost all boring Boss, many years now, but perfect for me ( the only thing I fool around with/change out are 'dirt pedals'): Tuner > Blues Driver > Biyang Rat clone> Boss Chorus or Tremolo ( just 1 ) > Delay
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    Chewing gum while supposed to be a professional

    That's my thinking. I picked up the gum chewing around 30, after quitting smoking. (only 30 years old, but smoking 15 years already!) But the gum chewing comes and goes with me