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    Your #1 Telecaster

    My #1 Tele is one I put together from parts. With a low-wind P90 in the neck and a Cavalier Fat Lion in the bridge, I love its sound in all 3 positions. With a lightweight ash body and a 50s Road Worn neck, it weighs 7 lbs even.
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    50's Road Worn Tele Club

    Didn't know this club was here. I LOVE my 50s Road Worn Telecaster! Years ago I had tried a couple and was not too impressed. I tried a few American Professionals as well, wanting to buy one but not in love with the necks on those. Then I went into a small mom and pop shop near where I live...
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    Have you ever missed out on a gig due to your gender?

    I can only think of one time I ran into that issue. I once auditioned for an understudy gig for the off-Broadway country rock musical, Pump Boys and Dinettes. I was disqualified from understudying one of the Dinettes due to my sex, not that I would have wanted to. I got hired to understudy one...
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    Songs full of "whoah oh whoah oh whoah oh oh whoah..."

    A full 8 bars of it starting at 1:19, more at the fade.
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    A drink with any guitarist

    I'd have a cuppa with EC. Neither of us would be having a "drink". His work over the decades has been a big influence and inspiration to me, and many other players that I admire.
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    How Get Tele Power From Your Strat

    I totally DO agree, and couldn't resist posting a couple of pictures. My most played Strats for both stage and studio have been these two. Added power when needed, more tonal possibilities, and dead silent - even with long cables and venues with dirty power or fluorescent lights. 1986 '62...
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    Tele vs Strat - prices…

    Supply and demand, I imagine.
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    Chewing gum while supposed to be a professional

    I agree, though you might get away with it if you're Jimi Hendrix in his professional environment.
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    Gibson Les Paul, Fender Telecaster & ???

    I'd have to say a Strat, but one with active electronics. A Clapton, or a vintage-style Strat with EMG SAs with SPC mid boost both fit the bill for me. Very versatile guitars with many voices, from clean to mean, and no noise.
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    Your favorite analog delay…

    Still like my old AD-9 Love my DM-2
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    Show your Partscasters...

    I've posted a picture in several other threads, but...why not again, right? It's my favorite partscaster and has these parts: MJT body - lightweight swamp ash with universal neck pickup route Fender 50s Road Worn neck low-wind (6.48k) P90 neck pickup Cavalier Fat Lion bridge pickup...
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    Subway rant - as if you need me to tell you

    I haven't been to a Subway since I got my first "Pub Sub" at the Publix around the corner from me. I get a foot long with Boar's Head meats and cheese, on fresh baked 5 grain Italian, and dress it up with what amounts to a decent size salad. One half now, the other tomorrow - two satisfying...
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    My partscaster

    Nice job. Wear her out!