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    Do you need a real tele to join?

    Actually, in December 2020 I saw and heard someone with a G & L ASAT while livestreaming a church service. It was what I really wanted for a long time. No one carries G & L, and I was not going to order anything. I have to play it first. I veered toward an HH Player Strat. I love it and have...
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    Do you need a real tele to join?

    I joined in January 2021 and did not own a Fender Telecaster at the time. The only Fender product I had was a P-bass, not counting my Squier Strat. I got a Player Tele in January 2022, a year and 12 days after coming here. I love my Telecaster.
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    I’m Having The Best Time

    To put it another way, people presenting worship music should SHOW what joy it gives them. Even in a "traditional" service. One of the violinists in our church orchestra, an young teenage girl, often smiles big while playing. And sings along when her violin part has rests.
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    I’m Having The Best Time

    It's a blessing to serve. Ok, I'm not really a worship player like the rest of y'all, but I do take my acoustic guitar out to a Senior Living Center lead the music out there once or twice a month. And I enjoy it. We sing out of hymnals from 1991, usually songs that had also appeared in the...
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    New painting: Oranges and tea towels

    Wow! Almost looks like a photograph! We just call them dish towels if they're not terrycloth.
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    Hello all from Nevada!!!

    Welcome to the TDPRI! I've only been here 16 months and have come to love this place, and am sure you will too.
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    If Chicago Had Been a Power Trio

    Well, there's "Poem 58," from their debut album, when they were known as the Chicago Transit Authority. It's a trio for 4 minutes and about 51 seconds. Guitar, bass, and drums. Take a listen. But I still like the horn parts at about seven minutes in.
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    Saved Trixie's life last night...

    What I hate is when you stomp a big mama spider and all the little baby spiders go scurrying off in all directions.
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    Annie Lennox and her daughter Lola.

    Annie Lennox has never been a typical female singer. With her, it's all about the music. And she's good at it.
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    Best song title ever

    I think that, whatever one's spouse's first name is, if it's also a song title, then that should be one's best song title ever. If your wife's name is Sherry, then "Sherry." The 4 Seasons had a song by that title. If it's Anna, then the Arthur Alexander song that was covered by the Beatles.
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    Player Series Club

    Just found this thread. I got my Player HH Tele in January of this year. When I opened this thread I was surprised to find some Tidepool Blue HH Teles with Maple Fretboards just like mine. It's a great guitar. I can play it better than any other guitar I have ever had.
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    New in town! Hello everyone.......

    Welcome to the TDPRI!
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    Hello All

    Welcome to the TDPRI!
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    Greetings for m San Diego

    Welcome to the TDPRI! I predict you'll love this place.
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    Hello All from NC

    Welcome to the TDPRI! Make yourself at home! I've been here almost 16 months myself.