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    G&L's Placentia, the worst name for a product line ever?

    Looking for a worse name that's actually been given to a line of products. I'm drawing a blank, but I'm sure they're out there. Anyone? I do get that it's the name of a city, but c'mon. If you were building your guitars in Mudd Butt, South Dakota you don't need to name them Mudd Butt...
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    Record Sunfish in GA

    It's a sea monstah!
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    Do Strings Change/Contribute to Tone?

    Makes a very big difference if you are talking the cheap non-name strings vs the better brands. I didn't think it mattered until I tried them.
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    Team Johnny Depp

    I had this trial on in the background while working from home today, and as he started describing her behavior, it struck such a nerve with me. It's just so similar to the relationship I'm in, the things I've been through... and the ways he tried to cope with it are exactly some of the things...
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    Size / shape of route vs tone?

    When you take it to the extreme and route out everything under the guard as deep as you can, you can definitely hear a difference acoustically. I did that as an experiment to lighten up a strat project and ended up liking the change in sound. But I doubt you'd be able to hear a difference just...
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    Fralin vs. Lollar

    I've had good experience with both. I think their sound aesthetic is different, having tried a couple different pickups from both over the years. My observation is that Fralin's have a particular sound, like a single-coily color in every pickup, and Lollars have a particular squash? if that...
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    Valve stocking

    This isn't a bad idea. Who on this forum has connections?
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    Piano Leg Repair Help

    So, hot water and heat gun probably won't work? any suggestions on what would take it off?
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    Piano Leg Repair Help

    Thanks for the advice so far. Looks like there's no shortcut here... I'm going to try to get the old glue off... can anyone confirm what type of glue it is with these closeups?
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    Piano Leg Repair Help

    I have an old Sohmer upright that I acquired a few years ago. It's a good piano, this era of Sohmer we're making the best uprights, supposedly, and this one has a nice sound to it. However, while it was being moved to do some cleaning today, the leg broke off. I had noticed a hairline crack...
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    What's your lightest Tele ?

    Maple-bodied 1986 G&L ASAT Special. 6.5 lbs and rings like a bell.
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    Seldom Seen Old Pics of Famous Musicians

    I thought they didn't really mod guitars back then?
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    Going To See Joe Bonamassa Tomorrow Night!

    good friend, that's a pricey ticket
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    Deciding to play a little sharp

    It's the D'addario clip-on. Fits in that spot on most guitars.
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    Deciding to play a little sharp

    ... was tuning up earlier and decided I'll just play a little sharp today.