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    Saw Bonnie Raitt on a Saturday morning show.

    We might as well watch the show here: Bonie Raitt on CBS Saturday Morning
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    Mow your own lawn

    I used to enjoy mowing the lawn and maintaining the gardens when we lived in Wisconsin. I actually looked forward to it after the long depressing winters. The problem I had was that I usually enjoyed doing it until around the 4th of July and then realized that I had four more months before the...
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    Mike Campbell and Dirty Knobs... with Stan Lynch!

    I am really bummed that I missed the Dirty Knobs in Tampa a couple of weeks ago. I bought two tickets for their show in 2020 and it was postponed twice, eventually being rescheduled for March 9 of this year.. As the date approached, I found out that I would be unable to go on that date. I...
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    Do you take steps to hide your age?

    I just turned 70. I wouldn't say that I do anything to hide my age. I do trim my eyebrows and the hair that has started to grow on my ears, but that's just normal maintenance, isn't it? The thing that bugs me is guys who intentionally do things that make themselves look older. Both of my...
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    Vintage Bicycles

    Many of us don't need the latest and greatest technology to enjoy a nice bike ride. 1980s bikes were pretty well-developed. I think I would have to pay $2000 for a new bike that would be significantly better than my $200 23 pound Peugeot for my purposes.
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    Chewing gum while supposed to be a professional

    Well, I'll add. It does not matter what the job position is, it is extremely unprofessional. It sounds as if the employee is actually a potential client for the clinic.
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    Car dealer questionable business practices

    Taking the credit card is just a way for them to control the situation and keep you from leaving until they wear you down and convince you to buy. It is a variation of them taking the keys to the car that you might be trading in, and "sending it out back to our appraiser for a test drive, to...
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    Downsizing to One Car

    Hybrids and plug-in hybrids can go anywhere that a comparable conventional gas-powered vehicle can go, from coast to coast, across deserts and up mountains. And Rivian, Tesla and Lucid are showing that you can get "far away from it all" with no worries. In fact, in some places access to...
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    Downsizing to One Car

    Read the numerous studies that have been published since the news media created that nonsense about getting stuck in an EV in a snowstorm. I believe that we have discussed this before, so I will go no further. Getting stuck in an EV in a snowstorm.
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    Downsizing to One Car

    Since the thread has gotten a bit off track, I will now respond to the original post. My wife and I have three cars and I cannot imagine getting down to one car until we get to a point where one of us can no longer drive. We live in an area where mass transit is infrequent and everything we...
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    Downsizing to One Car

    You assumed incorrectly. The anti-EV BS related to this concern has been conclusively debunked.
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    Downsizing to One Car

    A plug in hybrid would not work significantly different from a conventional hybrid in the long trip situation. When the plug in hybrid runs out of charge it runs on gasoline.
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    Downsizing to One Car

    This makes no sense. You do not recharge a conventional hybrid vehicle.
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    Downsizing to One Car

    I don't understand this comment. What is the difference if you are stranded in a conventional gas powered car or a hybrid/EV due to accident or inclement weather?
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    Downsizing to One Car

    I can't believe that "there just aren't enough charging stations around yet for us to be comfortable with that" unless you are taking frequent long trips into rural Minnesota or the surrounding states. Plugshare says that there are 1228 charging stations in Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington...

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