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  • Ok. Here it comes. I think this is really a "country song", but we'll see what the band can make of it..
    Oopss... too many characters. I guess I may have to use Your e-mail. Mine is "contactalley", so check that it doesn't go to spam..
    B.r. JP
    Hi Charlie!
    You said You would take a "grammar look" on the lyrics I wrote? Is this the right way to send private mail? Never done it here before...
    B.r. Jarpat - Helsinki, Finland
    Nice to see your byline. Seems you're a prolific postman, and a strat player who has come to the dark side. Me, I'm playing a 64 "vintage" tele in a 12-piece band (The Knights of Cabiria) that includes Celia’s accordion when she's home from college.
    Hope you and all the little Fullertons are well.
    [email protected]
    Charlie Bernstein
    Charlie Bernstein
    Back acha! Actually, I stopped posting here six or seven years ago and came back just recently for some reason. I think I had an amp question that I couldn't get answered on any of the amp forums I found.

    K of C is the one where you play electric with sheet music, right? Too cool.

    The Fullertons prevail. I just posted a new virtual album:

    The beat goes on!

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