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    Questions about a 2003 Highway One Tele

    The minty one, yes. The rough one has been polished kinda glossy from many hours of playing.
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    Questions about a 2003 Highway One Tele

    Looks just like my minty-fresh 2005 maple/SB Highway One. I bought it new, so can attest to its mintyness and freshness. Actually have two 2005s, the other is quite rough and has been gigged a lot. The minty one was just taken out for sitting in at B.B. Kings a few times.
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    NGD - polka dot content

    What's more rare than a Buddy Guy signature model Stratocaster? How about one in a limited edition color and signed by the man himself? Saw this on his website and it took less than ten minutes (maybe more like three) to rationalize buying yet another guitar. Came in today, after almost...
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    Looking for a bridge p'up to compliment a CuNiFe

    I was thinking of going with 250K pots for the bridge p'up. That's how I did my main Tele (a partscaster, actually) when I put a Quarter Pounder in the bridge. The Gibson '57 Classic in the neck runs through a 500K pot and no tone control, so it's a combination that works out really well. Last...
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    Looking for a bridge p'up to compliment a CuNiFe

    Last year, I picked up this sweet MIJ Tele Custom. Planning on dropping it off to have the fretboard refinished and thought I'd load up a new pickguard with a new Fender CuNiFe for the neck position. But what to do for the new bridge p'up? The CuNiFe sold for the neck position has an output...
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    I think I have a problem.

    I don't see a Flying V in there, so you're not done yet.
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    NMD - future Celtic content?

    I've been reading about A-style, F-style, and the difference in sounds between f-holes and the center oval hole. From what I've heard (admittedly, just through online videos), an A-style with an oval hole is the way I'll want to go once I'm worthy of such an instrument.
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    NMD - future Celtic content?

    Thanks for advice, I'll do that.
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    NMD - future Celtic content?

    Actually, it's been a few days. I've been trying to set the intonation and learn the basics. But anyway, I bought a starter mandolin for learning Celtic tunes. Haven't even taken the sticker off the pickguard, that's how little confidence I have in my mandolin playing. Was $70 minus the...
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    Howard Grimes Rest in Peace

    May his memory be eternal.
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    Anyone Else Not Give a Rat's Ass About Football?

    It is not humanly possible for me to care less about football. Or basketball, hockey, soccer, etc. Can enjoy an occasional baseball game, minor league or college level. The beer girls at Japanese games are a pleasant distraction. The only sporting event I make a point to watch is the Isle of...
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    Esquire build thread... taking name suggestions

    Now you're just making me hungry.
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    Esquire build thread... taking name suggestions

    Good point. Very considerate of you. And awaaayyy we go! :lol:
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    Esquire build thread... taking name suggestions

    Got another swamp ash body from Guitar Mill. Esquire, this time. Mario cuts his Esquire bodies to 1.5", .25" less than a standard Tele. I suspect the difference will be made up by paint. Basically, here's the idea I have in mind: Obviously, this one is going to take some time. And money. Have...
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    Have you ever been betrayed over some gear by somebody who you considered to be a friend?

    I rarely did the roommate thing, have always preferred to live by myself. Unless it was a girlfriend, of course. Made an exception for a bass player who was in the same praise team at a church. After months of living in my condo, he moved out... while I was out getting groceries. A mutual friend...

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