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    Last Song Which Had You Crank The Volume?

    Two songs come to mind. Bassline B!tch by Nova Twins and Colors by Black Pumas.
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    What happened to Junior Brown?

    Is it just me or do you think J.K. Simmons is perfect to play J.B. in a biopic?
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    Inside Fender's Excelsior

    Hello all. Singing up here to see how this goes. I've been gassing for one of these as soon as I heard about it, and wanted to do some mods to make it "less fizzy" when pushed hard. I've got a thing for 5751 tubes, so that will likely be a "fer sure." With all the extra space, an extra...
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    Is the Epiphone Valve Jr. craze over?

    I still play mine on occasion. It's got a bunch of mods, mainly stuff pulled from SEWatt to suit me. I love EL84s. It's almost unhealthy. My EVJ was built so I could get some real "feel" happening when I can't turn up my M/B Rocket 44. BTW, Hi, everybody. This is my first post on TDPRI...