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    Rock and Roll or Country?

    I don’t know what category this answer falls in, but this:
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    Waylon- King of the Outlaws

    This Time will always occupy #1 for me, followed closely by: And... ...and for my obscure bid:
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    Waylon- King of the Outlaws

    My favorite song - period.
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    Parts Esquire - which Pickup?

    I have a ceramic magnet Tele bridge pickup from Budz - it has adjustable poles. It’s some Tele and some P90, and a blast to play if you want something to push the front of your amp and have great dynamics. I tried it in my Tele, then took it out and have a body and neck on the way to build an...
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    Finally going to get to see Blackberry Smoke!

    I love all their songs. Ain’t much left is the one that drew me in - one horse town confirmed it, which brought me to these:
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    Finally going to get to see Blackberry Smoke!

    I’ll see you there! I had tickets to finally get to see them a few weeks ago, but the show was post-pones due to Brandon Stills’ mom passing away. Totally understandable, but I’ll drive to TO to see them no prob ;-). Right now my Jeep has Waylon,The Band, John Prine and BBS on the playlists ;-)
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    Brad Paisley Tele Club

    These run $1550 plus taxes in most parts up here in Canada - hardly what I’d call a value purchase when you can get a US Pro for about $250 more. Like many many others, I’m in the camp of it being more appealing without the relic job, and with the rosewood deck. I think it would take a fan to...
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    Brad Paisley Tele Club

    2, actually - he has a signature J45 with Gibson.
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    Singer of country band changing song keys and ruining my fun

    “Modern” and “country” - two words combined that cause me to puke in my mouth a little...
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    NGD: G&L Legacy Tribute (my first "strat")

    I had a Tribute s-500 that I I’d have never gotten rid of - traded it plus some cash on a US Legacy, and I honestly preferred the Tribute...bigger neck, better pickups.
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    Reverend Sensei Jr. - Oh Hell Yes!

    I had a Manta Ray and a Charger. Very cool guitars,but the neck was on the smallish side - similar to Godins I’ve played. The Sensei Jr is one I’d love to own though.
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    Best bottle of whiskey for around $50?

    The Knot is really nice. Aborlour is among my favourites in that range.
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    Tele-less [bye bye Coppercaster]

    I picked up an avri 64 a couple months ago and ended up doing the same - sold it to help pay for a D28. I, too, went sans Tele for a while, but I don’t regret it for a second. Congrats
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    What is the best Fender tele neck (for you)? pick 2 if you can't pick just one

    I went custom. If AVRI 52 HR was there I would have voted for it, but the 900SSV I got from USACG is an amazing neck.