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    Velcro ban

    That's pretty tidy alright. Great no nonsense board besides, cool power setup. I'd love to try one of those Waza BDs.
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    Clarence Carter

    Lol, I can hear the whole bit in my head to this day
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    Velcro ban

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    WORLD CUP 2022.

    Pulling for the good old Red, White, and Blue this morning.
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    Random Daily Photos December 2022 Edition

    Great looking guitar!
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    Strymon “sound”. Please describe.

    I have a Flint v2 and a Sunset, may add an El Capistan v2 at some point but have only played thru a v1. I dunno, they look the same and the controls/multi-functionality are very similar, not sure I hear a similarity. Super happy with them anyhow.
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    Christine McVie, RIP

    May've been posted already, but I just saw it. Stevie had a nice one too.
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    Britney Spears covering "I Love Rock n Roll"...(you know, that Pat Benatar song...)

    Maybe they should've asked the Arrows what they thought about Joan's cover? Her version's been a buttrock standard since 1981, my fellow 11 year olds loved it at the roller rink when it came out. Motorhead it ain't.
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    You know you live in Wisconsin when....

    My pal up there loves that "can't drink all day if you don't start first thing in the morning" thing. The night shift from Kohler's rolls into our fave dive in Sheboygan NLT 8a. I've been pretty well blind by about 9:30a off bloodies and Sambuca shots (hey it's got coffee beans).
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    You know you live in Wisconsin when....

    Miss 'em being squeaky. We get 'em here, but it's not the same. Also miss landjaegers and decent brats
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    Adults with Jobs, Spouses, and Kids - How do you find time to advance

    Came here to post "how much TV do you watch." No kids here, and I do watch TV, but I get in an hour+ after work and usually a few minutes in the morning.
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    Who has an electric vehicle, and what has been your experience?

    I hope they get it right and out the door. It'd be perfect for us with 325 days of sun annually.
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    Dumbest thing you've ever seen for sale on Marketplace or Craigslist?

    This idiot. Been up for a couple months now, still active.
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    We've already had a couple of decent-ish drops, looking forward to more.