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    Pots to change squier affinity telecaster? (hot rails)

    If you do happen to change the pots, make sure you know what the size is. Usually, the imports come with smaller diameter metric pots and most CTS, etc made are imperial. If that's the case, instead of enlarging the or replace it a control plate or pickguard and the knobs, CTS makes a metric...
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    Rock band that women like the most

    GG Allin. Never really understood why...that overly sappy, sentimental stuff never really appealed to me.
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    Mike Campbell teaches American Girl #solo

    Just an observation... You know how they say married people begin to resemble each other? Does that apply to band mates? I swear if Mike had blonde hair...for a minute or two I'd swear that might be Tom. He even sounds like Tom a little bit. On his playing.... He's freakin' amazing. It's...
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    I've never seen "light pillars" in the sky. But now they've been seen in Amarillo, TX

    Hopefully that wasn't the Pantex plant...
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    Change just one letter in an album or song title...

    My Sweet Ford Wild Thong Boxy Lady Panic Depression Lids Are Alright Magic But I Can Pee For Miles Bitchy Woman Wouldn't It Be Lice While My Guitar Gently Peeps Fear Prudence All You Feed Is Love Fixing a Mole She Slid She Slid Waxman She's Leaving Rome Free Ballin' Feast of Burden
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    Cheesy Japanese 60's Sci-Fi

    A Bond girl, Luciana Paluzzi. Character actor from....well everything, Richard Jaeckel Wagon Train's Robert Horton In a Japanese/American production that's really bad, but very entertaining, with a funky 60's theme song....and was used as a "proof of concept" for MST3K. 1968's The Green Slime
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    For aircraft enthusiasts, a Boeing in my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan comic.

    They were a few brave souls that went up against Japanese Zeros in those during the invasion of the Philippines in '41. Amazingly one pilot somehow managed to shoot down a few.
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    Ever lose your identity?

    Well, it can fester below the surface and you don't know. Long story short, years ago felt the same exact way...except suddenly it was accompanied with insomnia & weight loss. That was a new element to he mix. Thought I was going nuts at times. Away, had a physical done to rule out something...
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    Any similarities between these two songs?

    Can help but think I've heard that Bobby Parker song somewhere...somewhere.... I only have a theory about it...but I have a feeling Zeppelin was in the studio jamming to "Watch Your Step" and Bonzo played a long a$$ drum solo and "magically" the song writing credit changed.
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    Hobbyists - how do you improve your playing?

    None of what I'm saying is meant as an insult....because I'm also talking to myself. You've also described me perfectly with your post. It's laziness. It's not difficult to make a's difficult to make yourself stick to it. The mundane aspects of practicing, scales, ear training...
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    Tips on relicing?

    Use the least amount of nitro you can. I did a Strat in LPB and designed it to age fast. I didn't leave the wood completely smooth before applying the was smooth to the touch, but I didn't use any grain filler or primer. I only used about 2/3's of a nitro can to finish it. After...
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    Lou Reed, the Music Snob

    Not a big Zappa fan...but can't play??? Sure Lou... FYI, Reed begged the RnR HOF to be the one who inducted Zappa. Which is odd considering he never said anything nice about him when he was alive. While I love a lot of Lou Reed's stuff, when he offers his critiques of others...remember he...
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    Meatloaf went all the way last night, paradise, no dashboard light...

    An old friend of mine was befriended by Meatloaf when he was shooting the Steve Martin movie "Leap of Faith" back in the early 90's. My friend had a bit role in the film and was on set with him the entire shoot. They'd go off for a drive afterwards and he was playing him demos or rough mixes of...
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    $150 a lot of money to ship a used Fender '68 Princeton Reverb domestically.

    Ridiculous... Sweetwater has a demo model for sale for $989 w/ free shipping and the 2 year warranty. For the additional $80-90 I'd go with the Sweetwater...
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    If I said “we only have Hogan’s Heroes snow here”…

    Robert Clary, LeBeau, was actually in Buchenwald concentration camp. Leon Askin's parents were killed in one, he was Gen. Burkhalter. John Banner, Sgt. Schultz, lost a lot of family in camps.