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    Anyone else not like Thinlines? Or at least, most of them?

    Yeah I like em, in fact I have a custom built one (partly by myself), see attached photo. This one has a mahogany body with maple top and PAF-like pickups, so it's more of a Les Thinline actually. I notice you don't see them on stages a lot. The sound of a band I like very much - The Frames...
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    New older guitar day early CV

    I've said it before in another thread: there may be more variation between CV models from the same country of origin, than there is between India versus China in general. I own a 2013 MIC 50's and briefly owned a MII CVC (which I only bought for the body). Neither had a shielded cavity and the...
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    1973 Tele Deluxe

    Sound clips should be mandatory with posts like these! Na, just kidding ;). Congrats, that's a beautiful pair.
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    NGD: Squier 50s Classic Vibe Blonde Telecaster

    If these are indeed Alnico IIIs, make sure you experiment with putting them much higher than you're used to. I was surprised too - but my A3 pickups really came to life when they were quite close to the strings, without any noticeable string pull (probably due to the fact that these magnets are...
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    Fender Classic Vibe 50 Telecaster: Indonesia vs China

    I own a 2013 Made In China 50s BSB, and shortly owned a 2021 Made in Indonesia CVC (I played it for one or two weeks before disassembling it - was only interested in the body for a project actually). If I would have to choose I prefer the MIC 50s: the build quality is _slightly_ better (not...
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    Does anyone know the latest squier affinity telecaster specs list is?

    The 2022 models are on the Fender website: Check "Specs" (the tab right below the video)
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    Tell us your single favorite OD pedal!

    In combination with my AC30: Crowther Hotcake. If I would have to sell all my pedals except for one, I would keep this. * The overdrive sounds very 'organic', like a cranked AC30 without having to actually crank it * I can still hear the character of the guitar shine through. It is not really...
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    I'm Getting Reverse-GAS-Syndrome?

    I hear you. Although I have a lot of gear I would like to have for the fun of it I have to be honest: researching, finding and getting to know new gear is mostly only a distraction from what really matters: improving skills and making music. One eye-opener for me was a recent interview I heard...
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    Physics: Large Hadron Collider suggests a new particle carrying a fifth force of nature.

    Thanks for sharing. Physics is cool. But I am a physicist so I may be a bit biased. In case this is the GAS force I am curious if it obeys Schrödinger's superposition paradox: when there is a new piece of gear available, you'll never know whether you'd like it or not until you buy it.
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    What's your limited time practice routine

    This is interesting, what kind of fretboard visualization(s) do you do?
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    NGD Squier Tele Custom

    By the way congrats on the new guitar, those CVs are great.
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    NGD Squier Tele Custom

    I think there is only one mandatory mod on Squier CVs and that is replacing the jack cup with an electrosocket. If you don't do that the club of CV owners will visit your house (or office) someday and take the guitar.
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    What Should I Do With My Classic Vibe Tele

    You can also see if you can sell it and trade it for a CV with a thicker neck. My 2013 CV50s (Made in China) has quite a " normal sized" neck, maybe on the thicker side actually. Plays very nice. I played a CV Strat recently (made in Indonesia) and that one had a reaaally thin neck. Did not...