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    Local smash-and-grab jewelry store attempted robbery goes bad for robbers

    This has veered into gun rights/politics. Not TDPRI material Closed
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    The Catcher Was a Spy-the Mysterious Life of Moe Berg

    I was listening to a podcast from the International Spy Museum last night. They said Moe Berg is mentioned in the CIA museum.
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    The Catcher Was a Spy-the Mysterious Life of Moe Berg

    Now I have been to a rodeo, Vegas, and countless MLB games (dating back to 1957) but I can‘t remember ever hearing of Morris “Moe” Berg. Princeton educated, polyglot, world-traveler, perpetual third-string catcher, and OSS operative. Casey Stengel called him “the strangest man to ever play...
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    Yesterday was Don Gallagher Appreciation Day in Murfreesboro TN

    I couldn’t attend, but I did dig out this 1969 Gallagher G-45M (12 fret, slot head, Sitka over mahogany), put new Martin Retro Monel light gauge strings on it, and entertained at a graduation party. This guitar is, without a doubt, one of the 5 best sounding guiars I have ever played. It is...
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    Jimmy Reed Old Kraftsman guitar , lets her about them .

    We have an Old Kraftsman upright bass that was built by Kay in the late 30s. Virtually indistinguishable from my early 40s Kay URB that was built in the same factory on the same jigs. The Kay, however, is virtually devoid of metal. The tuning machines are MUCH different.
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    Soviet guitars!

    1 of 2 new posts have been removed. Thread closed
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    Maybe there really is something strange going on in the world.

    The employee at DiWiDi Technologies spent most of the day reading “The Catcher Was a Spy - The Mysterious Life of Moe Berg.” It’s a page turner.
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    I was born on a Tuesday.

    I too was born on a Tuesday. It was an afternoon and according to my mother it was snowing.
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    My pre-civil war score for $20

    Nice guitar. I would check out Grover Sta-Tites 18:1 for slotted head stock.
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    Roy Buchanan amps and gear ???

    Keep in mind that this a VERY old thread.
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    Massachusetts Family Mistakes Coyote for Puppy, Calls Wildlife Center for Help

    Before you post dribble and nonsense, ask yourself if it is worth your TDPRI membership. Try to be nice to one another. Thanks Thread cleaned up and locked.
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    Another day at Wally World

    Big Clean Up coming. This thread is closed
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    Sleeps with the fishes... til, uh, climate change...

    We a spending an inordinate amount of time moderating this thread. We now have a former member that doesn’t know the meaning of NO POLITICS. Closed
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    Opaque lacquer paint sources

    The town I grew up in had a custom coach shop. From 1928 on they built ≈3,000 hearses, ambulances, and limos based upon Packard, Lincoln, and Duesenberg chassis. By default I knew many old-time Henney employees. To a man they swore the best finish on a hearse was brushed on lacquer, gas-sanded...
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    Watching that video sent me down the rabbit hole of watching more of those old industrial “ how it’s done” films. I love that stuff