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    1. telekaster1999
      just curious why my thread about the number 12 was removed, just to get a better understanding of what is allowed or not. Thanks.
    2. Daddy Hojo
      Daddy Hojo
      Buck, sorry about the thread I started about the stimulus guitars. Thank you for doing what you do to keep this site fun, engaging, and non-political. I appreciate it!
    3. capgun
      My No More Reverb thread went missing. I’m going to assume it went haywire and I missed all the action. Hoping I wasn’t out of place starting the thread.
    4. Vespa_One
      A longtime forum member needs help to login he cannot send or receive messages on tdpri.
      If possible please contact me so I can connect you.
      1. Buckocaster51
        What is his username?
        Feb 25, 2021
        Vespa_One likes this.
      2. Vespa_One
        Username: JACKAL

        he says he will not receive messages from tdpri so he asked me to give you his email
        Feb 25, 2021
      3. Vespa_One
        What options do I have to further look into this?
        Feb 26, 2021
    5. chulaivet1966
      Howdy....In the "California" thread I didn't refer to anything political and I don't discuss the "P" with anyone....ever.
      Just wanted to qualify myself and I'm quite glad the "P" word is not allowed here.
      Thanks....have a great day.
    6. Tele Plucker
      Tele Plucker
      Buckocaster51...did I violate some rule here with my thread question? I never thought that it would be a problem. Thanks
    7. Bill Beck
      Bill Beck
      Hi Steve, I'm about to buy one of your guitars that I located. I have some questions...
      1. Buckocaster51
        Bill, best to talk about that at


        Jun 5, 2020
    8. olaftheholy
      sparklies!!!!great to be around here again. great to see you are here and keeping this place afloat.

      all the best, Olaf
    9. tap4154
      I'm in many other forums like a truck forum in a motorhome forum and they all allow folks to discuss the virus which is a very serious matter right now. Very disappointed that the moderators here keep shutting down threads. I think it's important that information get out there, but if that's your choice that's your choice. I do believe it is a disservice however.
    10. Okieactor
      Can I post a question about whether there's a way to sanitize a Gibson SG Faded, if I were to buy it used?
      1. Buckocaster51
        Just don’t mention The Virus. May I suggest cdc.gov to get some valid ideas?
        Mar 27, 2020
    11. brandonwhite
      This is kinda random, but I understand you’re a staff member here, and I was wondering if I could get the letter “n” taken out of my username.
      Thanks for your time.
    12. brimo109
      Can I change my user name to BriFi ? When I signed up it seemed to just use the email and not let me create one. Thanks BriFi
    13. dan1952
      @Buckocaster51, sorry to have inadvertently violated the no politics rule. I thought I was just telling Strat a various not to make my post about Peavey into a political rant about corporations. I should have simply reported it without comment. Again, my apologies, sorry for the trouble. Thanks for all you do, and keep up the good work on the best forum on the internet! Dan
    14. MrCairo46
      I had a post removed this morning from the Dean/Gibson Thread. Please share with me what was found offensive or wrong in my post.
    15. Moniyaw
      Hi, I would like to point out something regarding my AliExpress telecaster thread that was removed.
      I wasn't trying to pass my guitar for a counterfeit. I was just showing it to the forum.
      I also found a similar post regarding an AliExpress tele


      If it's just for the photo of the headstock I can remove it.
      1. Buckocaster51
        This is from the Posting Rules That All Must Read: FRAUDULENT PRODUCTS:
        Do not post about buying. selling or finding trademarked items such as counterfeit guitars, guitar products or decals. Nor may you post links to any such counterfeit goods. This creates legal issues for our website and we do not wish to promote these illegal items on our sites.
        May 23, 2019
      2. Moniyaw
        I got it, thanks. I should have sanded off the logo before posting.
        May 23, 2019
    16. Stringbanger

      I apologize for doing something that caused me to be banned. I just wanted to know exactly what the infraction was so that I don’t repeat it. And for the record, I didn’t post it a second time intentionally. I thought that I had not posted it at all. I often type a post and then forget to actually post it.

    17. Stringbanger

      I thought that you should see this PM I received, allegedly from another member here:

      I am Mr. Robert Dogbey. a banker by profession, worked with First Gulf Bank in Abu Dhabi for 15 years.( United Arab Emirates ) now currently holding the post of director auditing in the account department of the bank .
    18. Fredericks
      Just had to ask where you found that checkered binding? Please let me know.
    19. LuigiVercotti
      Are you still making the sparkle guitars for customers? Or even the sparkle bodies that folks could finish off on their own? Would be curious to hear the details on your services...
      1. Buckocaster51
        Yes. I apparently do not check this portion of TDPRI very often. Contact me at steedee@aol.com. Thank you.
        Aug 4, 2017
    20. bluegrassguitar
      Hey Mr. Buckocaster, I'm on another kick to attempt a paisley tele build. I remember seeing someone on the forum that sucessfully completed a black and silver sparkle and for some reason I'm thinking it was you. If it wasn't I'm sorry to bother, but if it was could you give me a few pointers?
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    Dec 4, 1951 (Age: 69)
    Iowa USA


    "If you can't say something nice... don't say nothing at all." - Thumper the Rabbit

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