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    Roy Buchanan's son, David J Buchanan

    Happy New Year all! Please go to Jenny Buchanan's facebook page for more information. as of 12/31/15 David has not been laid to rest. All fans of Roy Buchanan please check this out.
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    Roy Buchanan's son, David J Buchanan

    bump No Roy Buchanan fans?
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    Roy Buchanan's son, David J Buchanan

    David J Buchanan, Poet, Nature photographer, brother of Jenny and son of the late guitar legend Roy Buchanan has left this world behind, and much too soon. R.I.P. David! Please feel free to leave condolences on David's facebook page or on the Roy Buchanan page that David created in honor of his...
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    Goin to Austin... Redd won't be there!!!

    What? No chicken **** bingo?!!!
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    NGD: My first Tele

    Damn! That's a lot of traveling for one guitar. Is the reason because the environmental paint regulations in Mexico are non-existent coupled with the cheaper labor? One wouldn't think a huge savings would be realized when you add in the transport cost. (yes, I realize they don't truck them one...
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    Merry Christmas, all. Here's an mp3 from Spyder Bolles

    I hope people download this or save it to their itunes just in case I disappear one day. That's how it happens. Here today, gone tomorrow. Please save this file so Spyder's little composition can be shared at Christmas time in the future. When Spyder posted this I remember sitting in front...
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    Merry Christmas, all. Here's an mp3 from Spyder Bolles
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    Anyone staying up to see the lunar eclipse tonight?

    Watching from Long Branch, New Jersey, USA Latitude: 40.30 N, Longitude: 73.99 W
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    Red Light Camera tickets - GRR!!

    Red light cameras can't come soon enough to New Jersey! People run far too many red lights because they can't be bothered to stop. Revenue generator? Yes, but I'll happily see violators pay and learn. I have run my share of stale yellow lights knowing I was pushing my luck only to glance in the...
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    Texas blues

    and my friend, Smokin' Joe Kubek! VCRfurZEVDs
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    Texas blues

    and another cool little video..... uDTHgQeR0_M
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    Texas blues

    Here's an example.....when you hear Texas Blues, you know it! a0J9tk8oZ-s
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    Cats vs Dogs - Headcount

    Actual sticker found under the seat of every Vespa and Piaggio scooter...pretty funny if you ask me :lol:
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    Cats vs Dogs - Headcount

    Thanks. He makes me sneeze every day but he's such a cool cat that I don't mind it that much.