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  • "Do you wanna be the singer?
    Do you wanna be the song?
    Let me tell you something
    You just couldn't be more wrong
    You see, I really have to tell you
    That it all gets so intense
    From my experience
    It just doesn't seem to make sense
    Still... you turn me on."

    Hey There Bill , I bought a 78’ Sahara Taupe Telecaster a few years ago that came with a 70’s six saddle bridge and an old pearloid pick guard. All of the photo examples of this great sounding Tele seem to only have the standard traditional three saddle bridge.
    Is it possible that mine was originally a custom order or is it an early mod.
    Thanks in advance,
    Big Dave Simpson
    “Saw them at Palmer Auditorium ... “ I may have asked this before, but are you from the Quad Cities?
    Hi @P-Nutz!
    I don’t know what, or where the Quad Cities are.
    I was born in Sumter, SC, and grew up after age 9 in Austin.
    I saw LS at Palmer Auditorium here on April 15, 1975 with my high school girlfriend.
    I really liked them at the time, and they were on fire that night.
    I love a tight band!
    I could look it up, but where are the Quad Cities?
    Four towns bordering Iowa/Illinois. Davenport, IA, (where I was born) has a Palmer Auditorium as well, named after Dr. B.J. Palmer, whose father was the founder of chiropractics.
    Hi Bill
    I came across this webpage & thought you might like it. The guy lists what info he can on hundreds of 60s-80s country type records. Most of the bands are of the "also ran" type. I've seen you post a number of times regarding people/bands youve crossed paths with. Maybe you know some of these folks
    Thanks, I’ll check it out!
    Interesting post. My guess is that the unknown musician on “a country band” is John Hartford. Just a guess but I can tell you that Hartford was a riverboat pilot on the Julia Bell in the early seventies.
    Can I have my 5e3 build thread moved to the shock bros Thread?

    Thank you
    Howdy, Okmeekguitars.
    I am not a moderator, so I’m completely out of my depth here.
    Moderators Brogh or Chris S. could help, I’m sure.
    You could/should contact them.
    Hello there. I saw your post about playing in Prince Rupert with the Outriders. Were you with the band when they played Watson Lake, Yukon? My ex-wife is Rusty the fiddle player and I am a helicopter pilot. I took a bunch of the band members for a ride in a helicopter .... and also the band came for Sunday supper at our house and it turned into a real music party with lots of great music.
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