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    Guitarists that perform while sitting down.

    If you are really 13, like your profile says, and you plan on playing live gigs in a band at any point in the future you may want to start practicing standing up. Just a friendly advice.
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    Guitarists that perform while sitting down.

    Joe Satriani has to sit down for the solo here... explanation is in the intro.
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    CV '60s Custom vs. MIM neck

    I need another guitar like I need a hole in my head.... but here I am, looking at a CV '60s Custom because I have a MIM with a maple neck/fretboard and want another inexpensive Tele with a rosewood neck (laurel, whatever...). Also, I kinda like the bound sunburst body. How is the neck...
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    Stubborn Skunk Stripe

    Yeah, no finish on the back. It's definitely visually imperceptible; it's tactile only. I guess it's just wood expanding/contracting at different rates.
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    Stubborn Skunk Stripe

    It happens along the entire length of the stripe.
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    Stubborn Skunk Stripe

    I have a few months old Squier Tele and I've had to sand down the skunk stripe once every few weeks. It keeps ever so slightly popping out and it only takes a few passes with 800 grit sandpaper and it's all good for 2-3 weeks. I don't mind doing it as it literally takes seconds and the neck is...
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    Vinyl Longevity?

    I've been pondering going back to vinyl but I think I'll just go with hardwood or tile instead :p
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    What's your budget?

    How do you set your budget for buying guitars and amps (and other gear)? Do you go by what disposable income you have at the moment, by percentage of your income, your age, how severe your wife's frown is, price of milk, wind speed today... what's the thought process or the calculation involved...
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    Is my nut too short or too tall?

    This is how I see it - the first fret is absolutely critical to the setup - it must be level with at least the next 2-3 frets. You are basing the entire nut slot depth on that first fret and if that first fret is: a) higher than the next few frets = you can't get the action low without that...
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    Which Gibson Les Paul? 1st time buyer ...

    It means you didn't want it that badly in the first place; sure saves some money and buyer's remorse ;)
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    Is my nut too short or too tall?

    That first fret looks to me like it's lifting a little. Not sure if it's just the angle of the camera and light/shadow play but it looks like that to me. Either way, I'd use a straight-edge over the first few frets to check for that. If that's the case you may want to tap it down a little (I use...
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    Accidentally NGD..

    "Accidentally" :rolleyes: :lol: Congrats!!!
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    P90s in a Squier Deluxe Tele?

    P94s in a 2021 Squier Telecaster Deluxe Affinity