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    Your hairline/do you wear a hat?

    on my head?'s the hair on my palms i find embarassing:lol:
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    Are Analog consoles still worth it?

    scary huh?..some really great names in there
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    Guitars that never made it

    ya i knew a fella that had one..he also said they were for recording...and they are heavy weighed a lot more than a standard strat or tele..somwhere around 8-9 lbs i least it felt that way when i played it..i had a tele at the time was light by did sound nice...
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    Are Analog consoles still worth it?

    it takes 2 to know one..:lol: :lol:
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    Thoughts on this beautiful Monstrosity?

    i wouldn'k kick it out of bed for eating crackers
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    Are Analog consoles still worth it?

    Keeps me from going nuts with boredom LOL...instead of just going nuts with a kabillion synths:lol: :lol:
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    How to sneak a guitar under the wife’s radar

    How to sneak a guitar under the wife’s radar..hmmm..stuff it down your pants..spill a little water on the front of you and tell her you just couldn't hold it any longer..take it to your studio and hide it
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    Happy birthday Eddie Van Halen (rest in peace)

    seems kinda weird to say happy birthday ed and rip in the same sentence..but here we are missed ed
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    snubbed, slighted, rackets, backroom deals, cults of personalities.... the concept of fair...

    yep..i guess you have to play the cards you wisely as you can
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    How does one shop for a CD player nowadays?

    parking lot around the corner?
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    Temperature is supposed to drop 30 degrees before dawn

    good thing you have a big dog to keep you guys warm..just give him 3/4 of the bed and yer happening
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    Re-release of the Harrison Rosewood Tele

    can i be your brother too?;)
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    Pretty Large Guitar

    neck is a little too wide for me..hard to play
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    How many guitars?

    ya got a drum dept in that store?
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    How many guitars?