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    So, how come....

    :lol: :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
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    Theranos : The 9 Billion Dollar Scam

    hmmm..sounds like x-presidential material?:lol:
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    The first time you did surgery on a guitar . . . . ?

    i was 12 and about to do my 1st "pro" gig..i had an old broken kent electric and had to make it work. having no skills whatsoever with soldering i took the pick guard off and saw a few wires disconnected from the pickups. i took my dad's soldering gun and a wad of solder and soldered a huge glob...
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    Music - Why do we have it?

    well...for some i guess it keeps them off the streets...some others.. put's them on the streets..for may make may me crazy keeps me from going insaneo_O ;)
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    What’s good in Folsom, California (other than the prison)?

    no blocks..just on an off the site
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    Dimmer hum

    I know this How?...hahaha;)
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    Dimmer hum there goes the idea i was thinking on for my studio
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    What’s good in Folsom, California (other than the prison)?

    total silence as the tumbleweeds roll by...
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    Knock yourself out

    he only ice hereabouts was in the freezer...where it belongs..that and mountain tops
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    New Tele Day

    very clean...and nice
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    General Telecaster Noise Question

    i wonder if fender would give you a "loner" in the meantime..but probably not and of course they would not have a lefty available...sux..i hope someone on this site can help you out..:(
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    Is there an easy blue finish for a beginner?

    haha...sounds almost good enough to eat...ya i may try a pine body..thx
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    New to the forum...wohoo!!!

    what davidp said..