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    are these two tunes similar? Goose and Duke Levine

    I know they are not even close to the same but as soon as I heard those Goose song 'Hungersite', I thought of 'Tender is the Night' by Duke Levine. Anyone else? Different notes but I get the same good feeling from both tunes. Regardless, two great songs!
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    Adults with Jobs, Spouses, and Kids - How do you find time to advance

    I have my solution! I have a 24/7/365 full-time job and three kids under 17. All three play multiple sports and keep me and my wife busy and running non-stop. I get 80% of my practice in while stopped at red lights. I keep a Traveler EG riding shotgun and grab it all the time. It's also...
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    Favorite Telecaster using artist/band out there?

    Daniel Donato Vincent Neil Emerson (now that he's playing one) The Steel Woods. I saw em a bit ago, at one point they had 4 Teles on stage going Richie Kotzen John Frusciante is now playing one
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    How does alcoholism kill people

    I'd say there is a big difference between someone who drinks every night but can stop at any time, or go without for however many days, weeks, months, years and someone who drinks every day because they don't have the ability to go a single day without a drink. There are millions of people who...
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    Do doctors still make house calls where you live?

    Not in general but there are doctors is most larger cities that do go to homes. They have clever names such as MD2U, Doc2U etc.. It's making a comeback. There are also concierge physicians which is getting bigger by the day. There's also a big difference between home health nurses etc. who...
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    How does alcoholism kill people

    Sorry to hear about your friend. Alcohol can affect vital organs to the point where some eventually die. Tens of thousands of Americans die each year from alcohol. You question marijuana deaths. You'll be happy to know that in the entire recorded history, there has been zero deaths from...
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    Did I just find “the one?” - Kotzen Tele

    Merle's and RKs eh! Both look awesome. Maybe that burst is what allows both of them to look great in gold.
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    Did I just find “the one?” - Kotzen Tele

    I love it. It's a fantastic looking guitar! I've been a RK fan since high school back in the early '90s. He and Blues Saraceno were my young go to guitar players. I absolutely love where RK has gone with his music, especially his sig Tele and finger playing. I have the RK Fly Rig, which I like...
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    No wonder there's a 2 years wait list

    would that be the Music Gallery? I have not been there since I bought my PRS Cu22 in 1997. They were an early stocker of PRS. I also bought my MIM Tele there in 1992. I went in for the MIM Strat but it was $450 and the Tele was $400. It's one time that I'm glad I didn't have the extra $50. I...
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    Proving Squier 72 Thinline good for gigging.

    I have a Natural '60s CV Thinline but would love the Sonic Blue version. But, I only see if for sale on Fender's site and nothing of that color in the used world.
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    1993 Music Man Silhouette w Tele Setup/Pickups

    I love it. I have 3 EBMM. And I have one Sterling Axis that I converted to a Tele Set up. If I ever come across a reasonably priced Sport, I’d buy it and convert it to a Tele setup just like Sterling. It’s the Axis neck I’m after.
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    food type of scale. Can be had for $10. Very accurate. My Thinline just came in at 5.974#
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    CV Thinline neck sanding question

    It's funny you mention this. I only bought the CV Thinline due to all the online comments about how small the neck is. I had never played one but I am a small neck Ernie Ball lover. I have three EBMM Axis guitars with the greatest necks ever for me. So, while the Squier CV is smaller than...
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    CV '60s Thinline Sonic Blue

    I love that color but can't find any used ones while there's a ton offered in the natural color. I only see it for sale on Fender's website. Would that color be exclusive to just their website? Has that color of '60s Thinline been around a bit?
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    CV Thinline neck sanding question

    I took the above advice, kind of, and hit it with some 600 paper. I did 5 passes with it and a couple of passes with 1000. It did not take much at all. I stopped there as it seems great. Even after the first pass it was a huge difference. I know it's hard to take sandpaper to a shiny brand new...