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    NAD! Fender '65 Reissue Super Reverb Amp.

    I really love my 1972 Twin Reverb amp. I have the master volume on mine, but it is not the push-pull version, so I can't comment on that part unfortunately. I think the silver face sound is a touch cleaner than a typical black face amp, but it still sounds like a Fender should. I put Weber...
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    NAD! Fender '65 Reissue Super Reverb Amp.

    Very sorry I'm just now seeing this! I don't have the Super Reverb anymore, but it was in a similar ballpark as my '67 Pro Reverb. I loved the 4x10 configuration for indoor club gigs, but I still used the Pro or my '63 Vibroverb Reissue for outdoor gigs. The 4x10s didn't quite work well outside...
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    More headroom Fender Deluxe Reverb

    Technically, they won't increase the clean headroom of your amp, as that is limited by your transformers and tube circuit. However, a more efficient speaker will increase the perceived loudness at any given spot on the volume dial. I once put an Eminence Swamp Thang in my Deluxe Reverb and it...
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    ToneSpeak speakers

    Haven't heard of them until now. I'll have to check out their Austin model if I get another Deluxe Reverb. Part of why I sold my last one was because I couldn't find the right speaker for my taste. I also wouldn't mind trying them if they make a 15" speaker. Trying to find a replacement for my...
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    Old Fender reverb tanks

    I had this same issue when I replaced the tank in my vintage Twin Reverb with a new MOD 4AB3C1B tank. The thing is, you're comparing a brand new tank/springs to a much older unit, so the new tank may sound more aggressive since the springs are much newer and haven't stretched out. My solution...
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    60's-70's Vintage sound amp

    Another new steel player here. I'm playing my double-neck Sho-bud through a Peavey Nashville 400 and love its tone. I also have a 1972 Fender Twin Reverb loaded with aluminum dome Weber Californias that I use to play my fiddle and electric guitar through. I tried playing the steel through the...
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    Violin setup guidance

    I'm not a professional luthier, but I was an apprentice for a while at a shop to see if I wanted to make violin building/repair a career, and my main instrument is violin, so I'm always trying to stay on top of maintenance. A simple way to get a good tone is to use good strings and rosin. I...
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    Update: 1967 Super Restoration.

    Alright! Finished re-capping the main board on Tuesday. Also installed my new bias cap with an F&T 100v, 100uf. While touching up a suspicious joint to address the phase inverter noise, I found that one of the coupling caps had its legs cut too short to fit inside the eyelet, so it was...
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    Update: 1967 Super Restoration.

    I managed to do part of the re-cap this evening. Finished replacing the caps in the cap can and will do the ones on the top board tomorrow when I get better/natural lighting from my window. Feeling pretty excited. :D Before: After:
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    Update: 1967 Super Restoration.

    Thanks for the information, Wally. I discharged the amp by running my Weber Snufferstick down every joint on the board and along the tube sockets, as I would be replacing a few caps along the main board. I made sure to set my discharge by any cable leading to the filter caps in the cap can...
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    Update: 1967 Super Restoration.

    Hi, everybody. Giving an update now that I have everything I need to start working on the '67 Super Reverb I got in July. After my last thread, I got a gold multimeter, a Klein tools MM700, a soldering station...
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    Twin reverb on the cheep

    Do it! I bought my 1972 Silverface Twin Reverb for that price and have not once regretted it. Those master volume units can sound great, too, in my experience. I gig mine often and get just as good tone as my Blackface Pro Reverb or Reissue Vibroverb. Don't forget to ask/check condition of the...
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    New Amp/Restoration Attempt: '67 Super Reverb.

    That's good to know. Amplified parts has the 5-watts in stock, so I'll keep those in mind. Will check Amazon as well. Thanks, @LudwigvonBirk ! :)
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    New Amp/Restoration Attempt: '67 Super Reverb.

    Sorry for keeping so quiet, everyone. I got busy with some shows, but am now back to work on the Super. I almost found everything I need, but amplified parts is currently out of 470-ohm, 3-watt resistors. Does anyone have another reliable source for these?
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    New Amp/Restoration Attempt: '67 Super Reverb.

    Just wanted to take a moment to thank everybody for your extremely valuable input and guidance in helping me get ready to tackle my first amp project. I've done enough soldering work to feel comfortable replacing the necessary components, but want to make sure I get any and all "Mr. Obvious"...

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