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    Favorite band ever

    Yeah lots of people have forgotten to mention bands name. For me it’s : Pink Floyd Springsteen
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    Can I help

    Wish al the best of luck to those who lost their source of revenue
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    Best books to read

    I am reading Terry Brooks, the Shanara series. Also Brady Taylor , the Pike novels as well as Mark Greaney, the grey man series, (read them all, but a new one is just out). Also have “a grain of salt” from Joe Scharwcz
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    Revisiting old favorites...

    I was thinking starting the walking dead all over again from the first episode, seems appropriate. Anyways , I watched the Lord of the rings, fellowship of the ring recently, 2 more movies to watch then it’s the Hobbit, that will keep me busy for a bit. Stallone movies are good for one viewing...
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    Best books to read

    Well, I have a Kobo and can borrow from the library or buy online without having to go out. Perfect for my hermit self
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    You might make money with that
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    Building a bench, need advice on covering

    I don’t have nitro finish, I like the non slip of the router mat, maybe put something non slip under towel Also it depends on how slippery the work surface is Whatever works
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    This is making me hungry
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    Turkey phone again
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    How do you know?
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    I am not gobbling that
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    Turkey phoned me today To tell me there was a problem with my social insurance number. Really, I am Canadian, not a Turk, the government communicates with me in French, not English, also the government does not know my cell phone number. Sigh, that was the second call this morning about that...
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    How many vents here?

    Ex lax?
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    I don't need to vent