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    Ben-Hur, movie character: bilateral symmetry, joint pain

    Connections and's a weird and wonderful world inside our noggins....
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    A timeless and always relevant message.....thank you.
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    Very Cool Stuff! UV Activated Glue!

    It's been around for a couple years or so now I think. I tried it back when I first heard about it and found it really useful for certain situations. I have a fresh tube of it in my shop.... a different brand than Bondic, and I use it every so often when the appropriate situation arises. Very...
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    Bitcoin - Cryptocurrency

    Fiat currency is not backed by anything real anymore's an illusion. If the government wants more it just prints more. How can that be sustained? Well, we already know the answer to that. If enough people say something has value then it has value. I'm no expert about anything but I...
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    Neighborhood getting scary

    Punks and hoodlums!!!
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    The Fishin Musician

    I was raised on SCTV.....the best, funniest ever!!
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    What’s in a name?

    Glenn was always a tough name for me to pronounce as a kid and even into my teens I guess. I had trouble with that 'gl' sound. First day of school was always a bit anxious for me as we had to say our names out loud to the teacher. I'd say my name and get back "Len?" All in all I'm okay with my...
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    Well, that explains it! I am not thin as a rail and need to head more in that direction....
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    A post about bacon from a guy who calls himself 'puddin'..... I gotta question for ya 'puddin', is food something you think about a lot? 😁 I love both bacon and puddin' btw......
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    Americas BEST comedian attacked!

    It's unholy and unnatural!!!
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    Arrrgh…we all have to post one eventually don’t we ? Notch/Mookie 2007-2022

    I've felt what you describe surprised the hell outta me...I wasn't expecting it to hit me that hard.....but, our feelings are our feelings and the love and attachment we feel toward our pets is real and true. A happy and sad story all at the same!!.
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    Can YOU Count to 7?

    It took me about a minute to get the groove..... Unfortunately this happened while trying.....
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    Americas BEST comedian attacked!

    To my sensibilities this story (and what prompted it) is one of countless embedded within a current social/polictical ideology that is untenable and sends us backward in it's movement. It's destructive and divisive despite attempting to hide behind language that postures as being inclusive and...
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    Americas BEST comedian attacked!

    You're engaging in sophistry. Creating an argument that has some level of logic within it's structure doesn't make the argument itself logical or useful.
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    Who'da thunk???....

    "Report suggests that living longer increases life expectancy."