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    What's your hometown's claim to fame

    Osage Minnesota was well know for it's flour mill, a water driving one. Unfortunately the dam let loose about 1915 and that was that. Today it's a bump in the road with a liquor store, grocery store and Osage Bait and Tackle (OBT) where they also sell petrol, and have a bar and grill, complete...
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    Restoring a 1964 Ampeg Reverberocket

    Finding the source of hum is something I'm absolutely no good at. Seriously I'm completely an idiot at it! Here's how dumb I am. Get the electrolytic caps in my second early Reverberocket and it's humming like crazy. So I cleaned pot and input jack grounds and a bunch of things like that...
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    Most famous thing about Osage Minnesota.

    I bet that is a good book although the town wasn't named after that tribe from much further south. Some say it was named after Osage Iowa. Others say the fellow that lead the first settlers here signed his name "O Sage" because he couldn't spell his God given name and was usually quite drunk. He...
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    Most famous thing about Osage Minnesota.

    The sign on Osage Bait and Tackle, the only gas station, bait shop, bar, restaurant in town. People stop and take pictures of the sign all the time. Just saw someone had posted it on FB and from the comments it's plain to see not everyone gets small town humor.
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    Radio when reverb past 1 on Fender amp

    Only time I've had a Fender amp do that it's been the amp to reverb tank cables. Mostly play old school single coils. But you've tried cables there already. Think I'd make sure the RCA jacks on the back of the amp are grounded. Could be something going on there, loose or corrosion? Should add...
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    Guitars that keep you honest

    Mostly I'm playing a Tele straight into a Twin Reverb. Punishing myself for years of bad choices.
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    Catalytic Converter Theft Ring Busted!

    Boat landings are a popular spot to steal cats, unattended pickup trucks all over. I'd imagine it goes like this for a cat thief, hook up a boat, grab the cordless SawsAll and start cruising the boat landings. Pretty easy to see the boats on the lake or someone driving in. Copper is another...
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    Restoring a 1964 Ampeg Reverberocket

    Oh if that amp uses a 5y3 rectifier tube, use 20uf filter caps. Ampeg went overboard on filtering with the 5y3 shortly before they just went to solid state rectifiers. One of my RRs had the bigger filter caps and a replacement 5y3. The other had 20uf and the 5y3 still says Ampeg on it, I assume...
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    Restoring a 1964 Ampeg Reverberocket

    Thanks for the kind words @King Fan unfortunately I'm not that smart, missed the disconnected wire for instance. @Schlumpfmeister Glad you're replacing the electrolytic capacitors. In my experience old ones like these can look and test good but break down in the bass frequencies, really sounds...
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    Restoring a 1964 Ampeg Reverberocket

    Probably best to a new thread. Otherwise people will be throwing out answers for the original amp in question. That said from the photo it looks like original electrolytics the paper wrapped multi cap and I see a cathode bypass cap on the board that I believe is original. Metal cap can...
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    Silverface Vibrolux Reverb Pawnshop Find

    Glad it worked out! I would've bought it straight away even at the asking price. Heck I would've grabbed a SFTR for that money in a heartbeat, but a Vibrolux Reverb? No way could I walk out without it like you did. Unfortunately now you may find out that Deluxe Reverb isn't all its cracked up...
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    4 x 12 magic

    This reminds me. Need to put an ohms meter on the Hiwatt cab from 1974. Been using it very very infrequently the last 20 years with a couple of Marshalls set at 16 ohms. A couple years back I remembered rewiring to 4ohms for a Twin Reverb in the 90s. Can't remember if I ever rewired it back to...
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    As our society decays! Text content.

    Only made the "boomer" cut off by two months. Well depending on who's number you go by. Anyways I love text! Use it all the time however there's time I prefer a phone call. The three deals I did this year that where FB messenger only, were all with guys that could've been "boomers" for all I...
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    What do you think of Traynor amps?

    I've got one from the "good old days" about 1976 or so, it's basically a Canadian Super Reverb, 4x10s, one channel. Couldn't not buy it for 300 bucks! Thing sounds great but the last time I used it it stopped working haven't gotten round to figuring out why yet. New electrolytic caps and all...
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    I had a Rocket 2 one of the "V series" amps, controls on the front, heavier than should be. That had the 7591 power tubes and really was decent amp, cranked with humbuckers or P90s it rocked! Miss that one.