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    Please Help Me Build My 1st Partscaster

    Thank you!!!
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    Please Help Me Build My 1st Partscaster

    Will do. Keeping my fingers crossed. I meant "mint" pickguard.
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    Please Help Me Build My 1st Partscaster

    Thanks! I've assisted a friend in one of his builds before, but I haven't done it on my own.
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    Please Help Me Build My 1st Partscaster

    I did file a police report, but the paperwork with Serial is in the case it was stolen in. Stupid me for keeping it in there. Lesson learned.
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    Please Help Me Build My 1st Partscaster

    I’ve checked out a few pawnshops and I’m planning to do that again this weekend. Here’s a pic of the actual guitar but this is from Sweetwater, and I’ve since changed it to a mint pickguard. By the way, it happened in Torrance area. South Bay Los Angeles.
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    Please Help Me Build My 1st Partscaster

    Thanks, man. This happened two Fridays ago.
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    Please Help Me Build My 1st Partscaster

    I’m might be going out on a limb here, but I figured there’s no harm in trying. I figured I should build a partscaster. Now here’s an idea I had…I know this might be weird, but I figured I’d ask TDPRI members if you have any telecaster parts to spare. I think it would be cool to own a...
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    The magic of Fender Japan

    Can you direct me to these dealers? Thanks!
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    introducing the avocadocaster

    WOW! Beautiful guitar! I'm not even a fan of most shades of green for Teles, but this definitely looks gorgeous! Happy NGD!
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    Best Looking Tele? Let's see pictures.

    My wallet hates these threads. My GAS organ is throbbing so hard right now.
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    I Still Have Almost Every Pedal I’ve Owned

    Which one do you currently have?
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    Tell us your single favorite OD pedal!

    I love my Super Phat Mod so much. Also have it on Phat setting. For me it's a toss-up between Super Phat Mod and my Lovepedal Amp 11.
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    Create Your Signature Pedal

    If you could make a signature pedal, what would it do? Lets also talk about layout, knobs, options, etc. Thanks!
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    Your Favorite Telecaster Tones

    Can you guys give examples and links to your favorite Telecaster tones? I'm talking about the wide range of tones that a Telecaster can produce. Even unusual tones are welcome. I would just like to hear all the possible tones this guitar can achieve. Also, if you have your own, please share...
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    Blues junior: differences between all versions?

    I would suggest to get a BJ IV with a Cannabis Rex speaker. Many issues with the older Blues Juniors were addressed in the IV. The reverb is far better in the IV, and the "ice picky" sound is very much tamed especially with a Can Rex speaker. I have the Sweetwater Edition Blues Junior IV in...