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    Fret levelling or refretting?

    If you are getting fret buzz as you lower an action at bridge and nut, it is typically because of one or more high frets. Interestingly, they are often up in the area one octave above the frets that buzz because that is where the string vibrates laterally the furthest. By the way, the truss...
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    Maybe Next Time Use The Door, eh?

    Did that on my honeymoon. A hotel had a sliding glass door indoors under an unlighted overhang so zero reflections. Just imagine Wyle E. Coyote telescoping into a wall at full stride. The glass didn't yield. Bob
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    Tell me about Frippertronics

    I studied electronic music and electronic music composition, which involved both musique concrete' (music made with found sounds) and purely synthesized sounds. One of the principles my professor taught was to use sound quality limitations as part of the sound, rather than avoiding a limited...
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    Do you take steps to hide your age?

    Nope, nothing to hide my age. I do trim my eyebrows and ear and nose hair, but that has nothing to do with age and everything to do with looking tidy. Bob
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    IYO, are short scale Telecasters... worth it?

    This is very apropos to me. I play both scales but have short fingers so it makes a difference. I will often find myself playing short-deadline sessions where I am writing parts, playing them, and then doubling them between scales. If I write the part on 24.75 I may find it hard to quickly...
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    I'm 95% sure I have diabetes

    Joe Walsh goes around the world telling everyone, "There is life after alcohol, and it is GOOD!" Congrats on sobriety! I am here to tell you, "There is life after a Diabetes diagnosis, and it is GOOD!" The medical people in my life told me I needed to make a profound change in my lifestyle or...
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    Any old fossils remember Marshall Tucker? old favorite re-discovered.

    Early on the band rented a storage place to practice and the name Marshall Tucker was on the key fob from the previous renter. As mentioned, it turned out that the previous tenant was a piano tuner by that name. A few years ago a friend, a lighting designer, and I, a recording engineer, were...
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    Do you carry a pocket knife?

    Where I grew up in East Tennessee, a gentleman simply didn't go about without a pocket knife. At any gathering that I attended, if you ask for a knife, you'd better step back because they'd come flashing out of the pockets, casually, but rapidly. A good blade was the sign of a well-accoutered...
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    Guitar Related Things You've Wanted but have yet to do?

    I've always wanted to build my own amp. I've always wanted to record my own album. This one deserves some explanation: I am a producer/engineer/player, and here is the downside of the profession. I spend my days producing other people's product. As such, I seem to be like the shoemaker. You...
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    Studio Tour you gotta watch!

    That's really cool. I love the fact that it is legal and that he respects his neighbors. His big year happened a couple of years after I entered the biz. I've always told people who are building their own studio, "Put your own personality into it. We who work in the commercial studios...
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    Painful Re-union

    You know, one of the bands I loved to play in the most hasn't played together for forty-five years. It had a brother band that I also played in and that band has had several reunions over the years. The members of both bands are literally spread across the world at this point. However, I...
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    Early Mixing is not a group activity

    Sign at a car repair garage: Mechanic's rate: $75 per hour $100 per if you watch $150 per hour if you help Bob
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    "You Had One Job . . . "

    My son is the director of a huge department at a shipyard. When comes over to my place to watch football, he applies his leadership lessons, and this specific saying, when watching place kickers. "You had one job." Bob
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    New word Rant

    "Perfect" has certainly enter the vernacular of waitstaff. I seem to get bombarded with it as I go down the list of order options at restaurants. I think it has supplanted, "An excellent choice, sir!" Bob
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    Got to see the big airshow at Ellsworth AFB today.

    Yep, but both exhibits are scripted - the announcers are often calling the maneuvers on both the Angels and the locals before they are executed. For instance, back in the '80s and '90s, the locals' favorite exhibition move was to fly an F-14 in low and slow with wings extended and dirtied up...