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    Modeling vs Tubes After 10 Years of Modeling

    I was going to add a photo of a sex doll and one of a real woman as a metaphor but then when I saw how realistic they are starting to look I got scared! Even modelers in the sex doll industry are getting better! Yikes! I'll let you guys search it out.....if you haven't already or even ordered...
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    Modeling vs Tubes After 10 Years of Modeling

    Couldn't have said it better! For me I consider myself a musician first and a guitar player second. I play for emotion and emotion is hardly ever rational (when it is it's just no fun) and so you nailed it when saying which one gives us an emotional response. Yes it's not rational and it's just...
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    Favorite lyric? A line from a song that stands out to you.

    This old airport's got me down, it's no earthly good to me And I'm stuck here on the ground as cold and drunk as I can be You can't jump a jet plane like you can a freight train So, I'd best be on my way in the early morning rain Gordon Lightfoot
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    What Blues Needs…

    I think you just put into words what we all have been thinking for decades (at least for me anyway). I don't have the eloquence or patience to write it all out so I think thanks are in order. Your love and respect for SRV and The Blues shows and is mirrored in all of us I would like to believe...
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    Teaching a song writing class this fall

    Well there is no accounting for taste as they say...but then I say it's true until you reach a point and get **** and try and taste that!
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    Teaching a song writing class this fall

    Excellent response. Most of us do not have any mentors when it comes to music or songwriting. The latter is even harder to find. Don't forget to teach about confidence and vulnerability as well. Confidence enough to believe in what you do and vulnerability enough to write something honest...
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    Back To The Iridium

    Yes please sell all your tube amps, especially Fender SR, DR or Vibrolux. But please let me know first before you put them up for sale publicly! All joking aside I have only tried an amp simulator once (I forget which one but it was real expensive. Way more than an average amp). It was OK and I...
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    Songs full of "whoah oh whoah oh whoah oh oh whoah..."

    I think it's a generational thing. I myself get very annoyed because it is just lazy songwriting. The other thing that bothers me was about 10 years ago it seemed like every band had a bandmember up front with a floor tom to bang on. Of course now every band out of NAshville needs to have a...
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    Princeton vs Vibrolux vs Super, when mic'ed

    I own all 3 amps although not all from the same era. My best one is my 68 Vibrolux all original. I have a 69 SR and a 65 PRRI. Forget the Princeton if you play Surf at band volumes. But I would say teh Princeton can do the Surf thing as well but just not as loud. You can always add another...
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    Thoughts about lyrical meaning

    Although I take lyrics seriously when they hit a place in me I can never get tired of watching this film. But here's the Dylan song uninterrupted. I always wonder if Dylan had put this out how many would have said it changed their lives.
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    Ugliest Band Ever

    Thank you all for lightening my day. I had tears in my eyes from laughing on some of the posts. The Monkey Jesus one got me good. The comments were the best thing. I see some are being offended by this. There will always be people that find offensive what others find humorous. I see no harm and...
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    1968 Mike Bloomfield telecaster 150,000 dollars

    I would never ever pay crazy money for anyone's guitar. First because I don't have it! But if this was a real MB guitar he never probably played it and hated it enough to sell it as he did not need the money. So who wants to buy a guitar MB hated? A player would only want their heroe's guitar to...
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    Danger... Rhythm section is MUTATING!

    I would just leave it alone (unless you are losing sleep over it). The more you think or talk about it the more it will become an issue. Know that the chance of those players changing their playing ways is almost zero. It takes self criticism and then dedication in order to fix timing issues or...
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    Gibson GA8 vs GA9

    Can anyone confirm what the power transformer secondary should be? I've seen here 550CT but then I found one schematic saying 750CT! However I think it should be more like 600CT due to voltage after rectifier being 350v but just watched a video on a repair of a GA-8 and 748v was stated. What do...
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    Sliverface vs. Blackface Fender

    The 68 is not as original citcuit. It is slightly modified as opposed to the 65 which is as per original circuit. What matters most is which one do you like the most. I tried both and although the 68 sounded similar at very low volume it started to distort in an ugly way where the 65 was still...