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    Loudest band you've seen in relation to the size of the venue?

    Big Sugar back in the day, small club...gordie sang THRU his pickups at one point
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    Anyone learn a second language as an adult?

    ni hao, wode pengyou
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    Now that Dumble is RIP... I'm curious

    succession planning?
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    68 Custom Princeton Reverb

    WGS Veteran 10"....? I wasn't sure, as I'd never had one before, but Just put one in my 5F11, quite impressed so sounds worn in and vintage Had the Legend 1028K in the cab first, which is a great speaker too, but for me at home, found it quite an efficent speaker, more volume, more...
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    Nels Cline and Julian Lage

    Saw both these two a few years back at a small club in S'toon...back in the good ole days
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    NAD - Lil Dawg Tweed Delux

    Yup...a 5F11 ..and it's a beaut
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    Anybody Tried The Jensen P10R-F?

    Got ESP??...I have the EXACT same wonderment and question for my new 5F11...currently have the Legend 1028K , but seeking perhaps a more trad fender sound and a bit less 'efficiency' to bring some bass/volume down, wondering if that might do it
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    Fender Price Hike ... Again

    "They" say coz 'inflation' others have found that's actually not the case alone
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    DIY Tweed Champ Cab Head

    Built a basic box..inspired somewhat from old vintage radios
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    How many delay pedals do you have/actively use?

    MemoryMan + Black Fountain
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    Opinions on Fender Princeton Reverb Reissues

    I too previously had a Blues jr III, also had a Tweed Blues Deluxe RI....then got the 65 PRRI w C-Rex and sold the Bjr pretty straight away and then the Blues Deluxe went too, just too much amp for home....I had even put a C Rex in the Blues jr, which did take some of the high end harsh away and...
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    Vibratone fix up - Matthew Scott video

    I dig 'em If you're careful the odd trem unit from an old organ can be found and mocked up as one...I built 2 last fall
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    boutique vs. vintage

    I was going between the ChocoPrince and a 5F11 Vibrolux, and opted for the Tweed version....never played a vintage one, but I've also never played an amp as good as this one. Jim was just great to deal with.

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