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    Talk About Your Last Gig Here

    Mine last live gig was on Nov 7, 2020. Just guitar, sax and keyboards. We were asked to provide instrumentals in between presentations for the launching of a new housing project. Played on and off from morning till evening, it wasn't too bad. In the YouTube video below, you can sometimes see my...
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    Albums on which all the songs are good

    That makes me really happy 🤗
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    Albums on which all the songs are good

    Honestly, I don't really listen to music unless it's to learn songs for an upcoming gig. However, here are a couple albums that have a special place in my heart: Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice - Jesus Christ Superstar (1971) John Denver - An Evening with John Denver (1975) Eagles - Hotel...
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    Why is Fender putting plastic nuts on guitars over $1,000?

    I wonder which 'sounds" better, "organic polymer," "synthetic bone," or "urethane"...hmmmmm
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    HSS Strats

    I'm 100% with you on this. I guess it's because all the Strats I used to see as a kid were SSS; and that image is burned into my mind.
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    Do you glue your frets in when fretting a neck?

    Here's how I do it
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    Where do you insert a volume pedal and wah pedal in your pedalboard chain?

    Good question. Back when I was using a pedalboard, it was wah first, and volume pedal last (Boss FV50-L). I'm uploading a pic as reference.
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    Guitar body glue lines showing thru primer and color coat

    Really good advice. I use the CA glue/sawdust method often, and it does the job. You're also spot on about putty shrinking and cracking. I found that out the hard way. Thanks for sharing
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    The most reliable amps

    In this neck of the woods, it would be Fender. More specifically, the Silverfaced Twin Reverb.
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    why locking tuners on a tele?

    For lots of my repair customers, locking tuners are considered an upgrade. I've even serviced one guitar that had a Floyd Rose trem, locking nut AND locking tuners that the owner added himself. Didn't have the heart to tell him that he didn't really need them coz he already had a locking nut...
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    Vote on which Tele I should keep.

    2010 (butterscotch blonde)
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    What Strat has been your favorite? pics, stories, lets talk about them....

    Nice sharing, sir. Enjoyable read. I've had lots of Strats since the '80s; both Squier s and MIA/MIJ Fenders. But since I'm the kind of guy who doesn't need more than one electric at any one time, if I get a new one; the old one goes. I've never really used a trem, so my holy grail has always...
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    Shrill sound: Maple neck?

    Intriguing dilemma you have here. Time for a couple "scientific"If experiments, then. For starters, we could try swapping the wiring harnesses of both Teles and note what happens. If both sound the same after the swap, then it isn't the wiring. Since we now know it isn't the wiring, we can try...
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    What is your Favorite non Fender Tele?

    Wait a minute...are you telling me that there are other guitar brands out there besides Fender?