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    Ever just suddenly cringe over something stupid or embarrassing you’ve done in your life?

    Didn't Jim Morrison run into that problem once?
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    Ever just suddenly cringe over something stupid or embarrassing you’ve done in your life?

    OP - get outta my head. I go to a chiropractor from all the cringing and twinging I do every damn day. I was, er, ah ... am a real dumbass and have done a lot of incredibly stupid things.
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    14-year-old wants practice amp. What's good? Yamaha THR vs. Boss Dual Cube vs. what else?

    screw that, buy her a Twin or Super Reverb
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    Win one of 3 Teles: 2022 Fundraiser Giveaway!

    how do i find out if I have a supporting membership and when it expires?
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    How does alcoholism kill people

    lost the bass player of my one and only band to congestive heart failure brought on by his drinking. He was only 38 years old.
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    Traded for a Fender Stratocaster

    I've been a little top heavy in guitars in general and Les Pauls in particular. I have a keeper in my '11R0. I used my '19 R9 to trade towards a Fender Stratocaster. I haven't had one since before 2015. I visited Mark's Guitar Loft today and tried out a half dozen Strats. This one spoke to...
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    Dang Snow

    I saw a radar map a few minutes ago. Snow in Detroit MI. Here, we're further north than they are and I was walking outside in short sleeve shirt. Probably last time until late next spring
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    I just heard and saw my first F35 here.

    I lived in the Seacoast area of NH when Pease AFB was still open. In fact, when it closed, the economy of the area took such a hit I moved back to Nashua. I was in Durham/Newmarket in 1981 when Anwar Sadat, president of Egypt, was assassinated. I've never heard so many big bombers and...
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    Hey would you tell us about your introduction to, the Telecaster Guitar if you could?

    back when I was young and dumb (I'm only one of those now), I got the notion that 6 saddles were inherently superior to 3. There was no way I was going to compromise my rise to stardom on an inferior design. Then they started making 6 saddle Telecasters and I thought "Praise the lawd, Fender...
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    Floating the stratocaster bridge is GREAT, until....

    always been the nature of the beast. sometimes I tune the two E strings, then the A and B, then the D and G.
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    How much would a scratched off serial number take off the value of a guitar?

    It very seldom improves your day, what little you have left to live. File under "Do Not Want"
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    Gonna sell my old pickup truck

    my brother was thinking of ditching his SUV and getting a truck. Until he started pricing them. He's keeping his SUV. Get a shelter tent and put it behind the garage and park the truck there. Do like it was said above and insure it on the days you drive it, storage insurance otherwise.
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    Does your hair touch your shoulders?

    grew mine out one last time about 5-6 years ago, had a pretty good length. Asked if I could donate it to wigs for kids and was told my hair was too fine to donate, the ends were too damaged. Got it cut and been keeping it short since. Once it was nearly to the bottom of my shoulder blades...
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    Old Men and the Fender Twin? why is it?

    Indeed. I happen to have a very good cabinet maker in town. I should ask how much it would cost to make a head shell and matching 4x10 cab. The only question is, what cosmetic to go for? Tweed? Blonde? Brown? Iridescent snakeskin? Ostrich leather?
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    What's Your Current Rig?

    lately whatever guitar I have out>tuner pedal>Dynacomp>'90s Super Amp 4x10 haven't touched the Princeton Reverb since I brought the big beastie home