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    Super Bowl food idea's ..

    Tacos can be difficult. I've tried birria tacos 4 times and it is a struggle....
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    Super Bowl food idea's ..

    In all seriousness, this is correct. LA Rams don't really have a fan base and Cincinnati fans represent something like 11% of the total tickets to the game. I'm definitely looking forward more to the smallish party I'm throwing and doing the Skyline Chili.
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    Tone is in the Floor

    Analog popcorn ceilings have to be considered.
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    Lets Hear One of Your "Back in my Day" Stories

    I have reverted back to my childhood and adolescence in recent years. I have "re-taken-up" baseball card collecting, vinyl records, and most recently, the desire to be a hobo. I have been watching "Hobo Shoestring" on a loop on You Tube. I'm not ever going to ride the rails, but it really...
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    Super Bowl food idea's ..

    Crabmeat stuffed pretzels sounds like the bomb.
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    Super Bowl food idea's ..

    Hard to go wrong there.
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    Super Bowl food idea's ..

    I remember those cards. 1970's?
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    Super Bowl food idea's ..

    I am starting out with California Food for Pre-Game. Avocado Toast (no recipe as of yet), and restaurant purchased Sushi. I will also have the basics chips and dip type food. As the game progresses, I am going to do Cincinnati food. I'm making Copycat Skyline Chili and will have it available...
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    So, how come....

    As the Dali Lama says (paraphrasing), "if everyone believed in and wanted the same thing, things would get done".
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    Just stay below 100% for the day and well....
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    Overlooked Greats

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    So, you hate the banjo.....

    What song? I'm curious....

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