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    Windows 10 vs Windows 11

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    First guitar lesson, today!

    Lesson 1. Play a Telecaster.
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    Most difficult guitar techniques

    Too hard.
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    What a poor comment. :rolleyes:
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    Stewmac is a major disappointment.

    Never trust that thing :)
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    Stewmac is a major disappointment.

    Err what?
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    Forgery tone in heard it through the grapevine.

    Forgery Forgerty but no Fogerty.
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    Albert Lee

    He gets paid to use certain Guitars. I agree, he rips on a Tele.
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    Thought provoking quotes.

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    Guitar String Waste

    It's a ridiculous idea.
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    Songs I never want to hear again.....

    Yazz - the only way is up. 💩
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    Get off my lawn and take your locking tuners with you!

    It's all in the name "Locking Tuners" as if they lock the tuning. I hate the damn things.
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    Invent something- silly fake!!

    Parachute that's guaranteed to open or your money back.