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    I'm 95% sure I have diabetes

    I have many family members and a few friends with diabetes. I was on dialysis for almost 2 years and met a lot of people who have had it as well. Game changer. My thoughts and good vibes are going out for you my friend. Best of luck on Monday. Keep us posted.
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    A drink with any guitarist

    Until he got caught filming women in bathrooms. LoL...
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    Do you carry a pocket knife?

    Yes. I carry my automatic Benchmade 2550 everywhere I can.
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    Do you carry a pocket knife?

    Gave that exact one to my son on his 9th birthday.
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    Who is buying them?

    If I had a disposable amount of money. I would have a lot of expensive guitars and amps and pedals. But only the ones I would use.
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    Old Hippies!

    Thank you.
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    Hello From Minnesota

    Welcome. Spent some time there at the Mayo in Rochester.
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    Favorite Song about Fighting

    Gimme 3 steps.
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    G&L's Placentia, the worst name for a product line ever?

    Yep. A father of 3 children. Seen all their births. Not sure that's a good name for anything. Placenta... anything just doesn't work.
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    New to Telecasters

    Welcome aboard. If you already have a strat, "It's Tele time". Just do it. We help people who need it. If it has a good neck and the frets are in nice shape. Pull the trigger.
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    Exile On Main Street -- 50(!!!) year anniversary

    If I had to live on desert island with only one Stones recording. Exile could be it. But I really would take 4 or 5.
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    What type of capacitors did 1950 broadcasters use?

    Doesn't really matter. A cap is a cap. Measure the resistance with a meter and Try them all. Gator clips. Remember, Voltage doesn't matter in passive wiring for a guitar. Decide what you want. .022,.047,.033.? It's your guitar. What sounds good to your ears is all that matters. That is a sick...
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    How to break in a speaker?

    Just don't turn it to 11 on it's first run. You will know when she's ready. Doesn't take to long.
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    How to break in a speaker?

    Great posts above. Plug in, play, and forget about all the bull s..t.
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    Tongue cancer.

    Hope you are doing well my friend. My mom got cancer in her mouth, tongue, ext... They had to rebuild her tongue from muscles in her back. Very difficult. Still with us. Hard for her to talk. I've had some organ transplants so I know about the immuno suppressant deal. I have to take two...

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