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    People who sit while you practice - what do you sit on? Pics appreciated.

    I use this vintage chrome-and-leather chair. Pretty good back support.
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    The Hardtail search. Now a Squier bullet.

    I have a 2007 hardtail Bullet Squier Strat. One of my favorite Strats I've ever played. And sounds a lot like my '63.
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    Ever see a favorite artist perform in a bar?

    Buddy Guy and Junior Wells Duke Robillard Clarence Gatemouth Brown All way better than watching in a regular concert setting. But that’s because blues works best in a smaller venue.
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    Mustang III v2 too bright

    I think he meant just select the Supersonic cabinet/speaker model from the list of models in the Mustang III.
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    Do you take steps to hide your age?

    I don’t. But imagine if your job depended on looking young. If an actor extends their career a decade by getting facelifts, hairpieces, or whatever, it’s no worse than an athlete getting elective surgery to stay in the game another season or two.
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    Problem. Serious problem.

    We’re all standing on your lawn, man. Go ahead and yell.
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    The Guitar Show U.K. May 2022

    I’ve gone to the London one, but have avoided the past couple years for the obvious. I usually come home with doodads: cables, slides, capos, strings, tuners, even a pedal. Crowded, noisy, but good fun. There’s a train that stops off right by the entrance.
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    Bruce Willis Retiring from Acting Due to Aphasia

    I've had aphasia. Migraine aphasia when I was 20. They assumed I had ergot poisoning or a stroke and I went to the hospital overnight, had tests, etc. Luckily it only lasted several hours. In my case, it didn't affect my general cognitive skillset. But boy was it hard to understand people or...
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    WTF is with people at live shows?

    This is me being a cranky old man, but I hate going to see bands in concert. Haven't in 20 years and don't expect to ever again. Spent decades buying expensive tickets, only to have the people in front, behind, and around me standing, often with their backs to the show, dancing for the rest of...
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    What is most important to you tone chasers? Guitar, amp, pedals, etc...?

    Amp > Pedal > Pickup > Strings > Guitar
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    Favorite overdrive for a DR[RI]?

    I use a Blackstone Appliances MOSFET Overdrive on my original ‘66 Deluxe Reverb. The pedal is very organic sounding and cleans up well from the volume control on my guitar.
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    Guitars you have had the longest.

    I’ve owned my 1980 ES-347 for 38 years. Purchased in 1984.
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    My J-45 Original 50s has finally landed. However...

    My 1950 J-45. The point with these is the more they’re played, the better they look (and sound). The perfection you should seek is in how it plays.
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    Pricing NOS guitars

    Seems a good starting point is to look at what it would go for in mint condition, and then add a few percent.
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    Pet Pics....Past and Present!

    Grommet, mid-flight. Still miss him to bits. What a fun guy.

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