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    They'll never be another SRV.

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    Backing Track Challenge - 354 Funk

    Stick around to the end for the payoff.
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    Mow your own lawn

    Mary Tyler Moore mowing her own lawn.
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    R.I.P. Maggie Peterson - "Charlene Darling" on The Andy Griffith Show

    Pre Gilligan's Island and post Dobie Gillis Bob Denver playing Dud Wash at 5:00.
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    Unbelievable '60 Burst Find
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    Midweek Backing Track(s) - Your Choice 05.11.22

    Just an experiment. Two steel guitars with auto-wah and echo.
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    New engine can achieve 99% of light speed

    It will end up a ride at Disney World.
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    Team Johnny Depp

    The gangster look is a step up. The first two days he looked like a homeless guy.