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    Started in-person lessons again on Monday. Question on jazz standards

    Look for Ralph Patt’s site, and check out the “vanilla” changes to most standards. Good to see them stripped down to basics.
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    Does anyone prefer the Jazzmaster vibrato?

    I’ve made JM bridges with the threaded saddles work fine, but I’m happy with my Jag with the Mustang style bridge. Key to setting up these is heavier strings, and a wound third. Flats for a +1. I never wrap the posts, I let the bridge swing as designed, since it means I can bend chords in tune!
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    Low Volume Gig Tips?

    Or get a better drummer...
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    Socially Distanced Big Band!

    I did the audio and video production on this, and you’ll also see me playing my tele - comping behind the trombone soloist.
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    Would you wear a kilt?

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    Thoughts on Cort Guitars.

    I have a Cort G250P - that’s the stratty HSS model they make, but with a Wilkinson/Fishman piezo bridge. I’m just starting to dig into the possibilities by running the electric and acoustic signals to separate outs. I spent a pittance onit, relative to any other guitar with these capabilities.
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    Really loving Reaper, what is your workflow?

    I use Reaper to create backing tracks with click for the show I do at seniors homes and on cruise ships (on my principal instruments - woodwinds.) I write the arrangements in Finale, then export MIDI files to Reaper. Drums are done with Addictive Drums 2, though I have used a live drummer as...
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    What type of diet (not a weight loss thread) do you adhere to?

    Low carb, high healthy fats, verging on carnivore. See pics at left for the before and after.
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    Your favorite 'Tele-tune'?

    Anything recorded by Ed Bickert, but especially Alone Together.
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    NGD - I’m a tele owner again!

    Beaches Jazz Festival in Toronto today. iPad Pro with an Airturn pedal for the charts, Boss GT-1 into the backlined Blues Junior (definitely not a great amp for jazz!), and my Squier Standard Tele with GFS mini hum and rails bucker bridge pickups.
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    NGD - I’m a tele owner again!

    I haven’t been here much of late, because I traded away my tele last year. I had the chance to grab a Squier Standard tele for cheap, so I’m back!
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    Joyo American Sound

    I’m using a Joyo American sound in a theatre setup at the moment as an amp replacement.
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    Worst Amp Ever Owned

    Peavey Studio Pro. Not enough clean power.
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    Gord Downie, of the Tragically Hip, has an inoperative brain tumour

    I just got into the Hip when I was working on ships over the past couple of years. They kept me feeling connected to Canada when I was on the other side of the world.
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    Can I disconnect the reverb tank and still use the amp?

    You need to get admin to do it.