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    Rick Nielsen Collection

    That's no bargain.
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    Gun Club

    Got to see Kid Congo/Congo Norvell in the late 90's in SF. Prob 20yrs later saw Crime & The City Solution a couple doors up the street. Never thought I'd see either in this lifetime.
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    Cool new Ammoon loopers

    I've had Ammoon looper notifications set on ebay for awhile. Thanks for the info.
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    How long from China? - Take a guess!

    I order numerous things from China. Havent ordered a guitar lately, but everything else has gotten through in average time. Maybe a small delay, but I've never been one to be in a hurry. It's the price of doing business. I have to ask why though, order from China for stuff so readily found on...
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    Squier by Fender FSR Classic Vibe 60s Telecaster Thinline

    Hopefully a fatter neck than the FSR Esquires.
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    My Old Boss

    I've had 2 horribly awful human being bosses, 1 in Oakland/Berkeley, the other in Santa Barbara. Years later they still make me shudder.
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    Any good horror movies on Prime or Netflix this month?

    Not horror in the definitive sense, but it's got that unnerving feel to it that some horror movies dont even have. And the soundtrack is a bonus.
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    Any good horror movies on Prime or Netflix this month?

    I think its on Prime.
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    Rock and Roll is turning into bickering old men

    A good indicator is when bands cover their bloated carcasses in overdone "old man rock garb". The bickering is eminent and the end is neigh.
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    Grote Guitar Owners

    My green came with no sound out of neck/neck and bridge position. Not a big deal, but I requested another anyway. Glad i did. The replacement looks more seafoamy than the original. And the switching works. As has been said, the pickups are really underwound at 4+k and 5+k. Look at the color...
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    Does any body here Grind?

    Melvins was the last live show I went to Feb '20. Grind on my board too.
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    Anyone ever put a Tele neck pickup in the bridge position?

    I really had a hard time passing on one of these when they were unloading them for $399(?) I think? Still a big regret.
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    NGD Warren Ellis Tenor 2P

    I'm listening to Hollywood as we speak... Warren is a madman. Seen 'em as a Bad Seed & as The Dirty Three. He's got an upcoming book too, brilliantly titled Nina Simone's Gum.
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    At this point, is Don Mare just trolling?

    I own a 0038 which I feel lucky to have gotten. As long as a guy isnt burning people, Don's demands arent unreasonable. If I ran my own business that's what I'd do too. Nothing like suffocating yourself for no reason. Hell, I even listened to a recommendation Don gave on here of a...
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    The Cult - Fire Woman

    Sonic Temple was a letdown. I saw that Tour too, as well as Electric. Saw them in the 90's on The Cult/Goat album, which was pretty good. Few yrs back opening for ZZ Top. Between all the subsequent albums you might be able to pool together a strong album, but Love/Electric are their high water...