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    Filler, Primer, and Binding Questions

    Also a little tip for ya. If you are binding the back of a Tele, start bending this part first. I started on the other side of the heel and ended up chopping off a few inches and restarting here.
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    Filler, Primer, and Binding Questions

    The binding went on pretty ok on my test body. I did the top first with Bind All. It was pretty much the same disaster others have had with it. It also softened my finish, so some sections tore out while sanding. I did the back with thin CA glue and it was a much better experience. I...
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    Paint & Primer

    We might need more details. What type of wood and what final look are you going for? Nitrocellulose Lacquer would be the traditional choice.
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    Who is able to run their amps open at gigs?

    Yeah I'm with you. I tried that for about a year. The fact that the other guitar player also plays loud didn't help. I could hardly hear myself in the single mic practice space recordings and eventually gave in and turned up. The drummer has a couple other quieter bands and wants to play...
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    Transtint bleed through on faux binding

    Yeah you want to mask on a flat surface so there is no way for anything to sneak under. I build up layers of shellac and then sand back until all the shiny spots are gone... like prepping a final finish for polishing. Then tape. When doing it like this, I'm able to spray pigmented shellac...
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    Tele's aren't metal! Or are they?

    I agree with @user name. You can do it with a regular old Tele. Lower output single coils can sound more aggressive than humbuckers. Dave Mustaine Thrash factor bridge humbucker has a resistance of 8.8k and Alnico 5 magnets....two specs you might find on a Tele bridge pickup. Tom...
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    Who is able to run their amps open at gigs?

    In my experience, the drummer sets the volume. The one I'm playing with now is loud. We run our amps around 7 (80 W Dual Showman and a 40 W Bassman) in the practice space and same on stage. Without 80 Watts, I can't play clean at all with this drummer. Mids and treble on 10 and bass...
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    Building your own guitar case?

    I started pricing it a while back to see how affordable I could make it. I wanted it to be shippable, so I was designing it like a shipping crate. I was also looking for something that would require minimal cuts so I think I was going with 48" for the final length and planning to build...
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    "Guitarhey"? Gotoh BS-TC1

    I've purchased Gotoh SD91 tuners from them multiple times. Yeah they've got good prices. And I don't remember ever having any issues. Go for it.
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    Lacquer supply question: Highland Green?

    This place does custom pigments. Looks like the minimum order might be 1lb though. Probably expensive. I bet you could do it... At least I'd love to see how it turns out. Dark green pearl over black with gold ghost-pearl over that might get you close...
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    Lacquer supply question: Highland Green?

    I also found that the "clear" coat changes the look of metallic green quite a bit. My clear was slightly amber and it changed it from a cold bluish green to a more golden/olive green. The factory nitro in 1968 was probably a lot more amber than modern nitro. So you might get closer to the...
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    Lacquer supply question: Highland Green?

    I mix Mica pigment into Shellac, shake it up, and spray all the time. I don't see why it wouldn't work with nitro. If you can score just the dry pigment I imagine you could mix it into the proper nitro formula. At least I watch the car guys on YouTube do stuff like this all the time. Here...
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    Creating headstock applique from original artwork

    You can have photos printed on metal or wood veneer. If you coat the image in Sandarac (like near the end of this video) you'll be able to finish the sides of the headstock in Sandarac as well (or shellac, or any other alcohol soluable resin) and it will melt into the coating on the picture...
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    Humbucker split that sounds like a Tele neck pickup

    Here's an idea. A single coil sized humbucker and a Tele neck pickup under one humbucker cover.
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    12“ radius fretboard and medium jumbo frets

    Thanks. That's a hard tail conversation plate from Faction guitars. I used these "Excentrer" adapter bushings to fit the tune o matic bridge in the mustang bridge holes...