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    “ Howdy”from the corn belt

    Oh wow, you really are up the road. I used to haul metal tubing on flatbed out of Salem. Im originally from Orange County (orleans)
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    “ Howdy”from the corn belt

    i didn’t get any static or popping noises, but the switch I had required a bit of effort to engage. The spring was stiffer than most. I know some kill switches are very easy to use but noisy (pinball machine types). I guess there’s a trade off. The TESI stuff is well made, though.
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    Opinions on which pickguard (oh boy)

    My opinion is : the neck often determines the best guard. for a burst with a rosewood neck, a parchment or white looks best. Tortoiseshell too, if it’s the right finish. a maple neck with burst- love the way a black guard looks. 😎
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    Humorous/crazy hijinks by an artist you’ve witnessed at concerts

    Great stories! Mine is a more humble one. Leo Kottke. My aunt lived with him when he was getting his start. I saw him in concert a few times. one time I introduced myself and he recalled stories of the past. During one of his infamous tuning sessions, he incorporated a story about giraffes and...
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    Solid state shootout: Gibson Lab Series, Peavey Bandit/Transtube, Roland Jazz Chorus, other?

    the jc120 allows for dual mono input to the power section. using the pre (and tone stack) of any decent valve combo as the front end (of a “wet/dry/wet” rig) is inspiring. Wouldn’t want to gig with it, though. If I was the OP, Id rather have a decent look at a modeling alternative and play...
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    Not sure yet to make of these Twisted Tele pickups

    Play a different guitar then come back to em.….sometimes we start chasing our tails on tone when what we really need is a fresh, unbiased listen. If they don’t impress you initially, Maybe they soothe you? Is that a bad thing?
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    Post your favorite guitars your using now

    For sure, it’s my Peter Florance meets AO 60s thinline. 🥰
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    Help me to complete my essential pedalboard

    if I was in your situation, I’d be looking for one of these (secondhand):
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    I finally got lucky 🍀🔥🍀

    well, That’s exactly the question I’m asking myself. You play 20 or so thinlines before one really jumps out at you, and this is one of those. I’ve had nocaster pickups before and “upgraded” them only to keep coming back so I guess they have something that suits my taste. Truth is I’ve been in...
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    I finally got lucky 🍀🔥🍀

    Oh thanks. I love the Fender headstock shape, but I like Peter’s interpretation even more. Almost has a mid century modern (dog bone) look….think of the Heywood Wakefield furniture from the 50’s…. and his logo is very Palm Springs.
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    GAS Videos

    Andy has opened my wallet more times than my ex wife (… At least I still love Andy)
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    Anyone else remember this

    I have memories of standing up in the front seat of our Ford Falcon while going to the babysitter‘s house (probably eating a hot dog for breakfast).
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    In praise of your 'clean' effects

    If I play clean, I need at least a hint of reverb (Spring or plate). compression is equally important because I play mostly with my fingers and I don't always have the best dynamic control. My Effectrode LA1A works as a pre/boost/comp and is always on.
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    I finally got lucky 🍀🔥🍀

    I can’t count how many partscasters I’ve put together over the years, but last week I struck gold with one. I finally found a neck/body combination that clicked in a way that was greater than the sum of the parts. I struggle to put this guitar down as it begs for more play time. I’m so happy...