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    Beveling Pickguard By Hand

    I'm making new pickguard, and don't own a router. I've done bevels by hand with varying success, was wondering if anyone has any tips or tricks? Thanks.
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    CHUG Preamp Amplifier pedal: Solar guitars

    Not my thing, but I really enjoy watching Ola's Will it chug? videos. He's a funny dude.
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    Why no Boss TR2 Waza?

    Stereo input and output Expression jack Tap tempo That little switch selects a harmonic trem
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    How do you use your "Rangemaster" clone/treble boost?

    I use mine into the normal channel of a Vox AC15C1. Turn the amp up til it breaks up and then use the treble booster for nice saturation. I use the volume knob on my guitar to go from clean to dirty.
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    Opinions on what resistor values I should use in my 3 way tone toggle switch

    Use trim pots and dial them in until they sound right.
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    The Sex Pistols Stolen and Owned Crybaby Resurfaces

    Never mind the bollocks.
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    P90 and 500K Pots

    500k volume + 250k tone, 50's wiring.
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    Your response to "What kind of music do you play?"

    American Primitive
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    Guys who use amp drive and ride the vol knob... what dirt pedal does that?

    What is the dark pedal next to the DOD? I really like that enclosure size. If you don't mind me asking, what are the dimensions?
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    Amps that have footswitches with LEDs

    Thanks for the info everyone.
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    Will it chug?
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    Amps that have footswitches with LEDs

    How do the LEDs get power? I opened up my Vox footswitch and all it contains is a jack, diode, LED, and a stomp switch. I'm assuming the amp is sending voltage through my footswitch cable, but how? Thanks.
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    Common sense Bassman mods....

    How do I do this?
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    Gathering Parts.......

    Very cool. Where did you find that bridge?
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    Iron Sheik vs Ric Flair

    Sheiky baby will make you humble, even if you are a limousine riding jet flying kiss stealing wheeling and dealing son of a gun.