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    Two-channel > Harmonic Tremolo > Reverb > Low Watt Amp Build

    Digging into your naughty Pine stores, I see. Kinda looks like our ever expanding galaxy. To my abstract eye, anyways.
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    Traynor disappoints...a short saga

    Pete Traynor did...the OG amp designer.
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    Excellent. Can't see what the guitar looks like on playback, anyways. A guitar that makes you just want to play is a better inspiration than looks, any day. My wife is missing her 3 front teeth (car crash relicing) and she's the most beautiful person ever, a real inspiration and lucky to have...
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    This is the second time I've tried realigning the neck to get the strings right - now I have to do it a third time

    Not an uncommon issue. If the neck pocket is off, remove a bit from the offending side or corner (chisel, sandpaper) and use shims on the SIDE to adjust the neck into place and keep it there. DO NOT fill and re-drill screw holes for the neck, slack tolerances and humidity make that work...
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    Just got my dream amp!

    Congrats for getting the Super, they were originally designed to be paired with a Telecaster. I have a '62 Super with the original 2x10 Oxford speakers and everything else unmolested, must of sat in a closet for some time. Was my dream amp for years, too, finally found one about 7 years ago and...
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    Weirdest guitars used by well known and Pro level players.

    Finally, Fee Waybill's guitar has made it as a political philosophy, it's about time. Then, of course, there is the fine art of customization and relic-ing... Does that count?
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    Tele pickup swap continuum

    I've owned my '85 MIJ Tele since new and initally, I wasn't too happy with the pups, so I swapped them out. About a year after the swap, I realised that my Tele still sounded like I was playing through an "overcast", not particularly focused and always dancing around the tone in my...
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    Your Telecaster Epiphany

    I was playing my LP at a local dump one night when I broke my last string and no spares...either guitar or strings. I ran over to the other side of the stage and reluctantly picked up the other guitar player's Tele to finish the set. I had never played a Tele before this night and swore up and...
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    Covering up burn marks

    I'm happy to see that you play/listen with your ears/feel to find a good git. My favourite over my G, F and M gits, is my $47, 70's El Degas copy of a 70's Strat, which plays, feels and sounds like love. It totally inspires me. One doesn't need to spend $1,000's for a killer guitar. You don't...
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    How much a refretting changes the worth of a 73 Tele

    I wouldn't re-fret this guy, a quality fret dressing will give you plenty of life before at least 2 additional dresses. Before re-fretting.
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    So what do they play at your funeral?

    Zappa: Blessed Relief For me, because I'm gone For them, because I'm gone
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    Tonewood Question

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    What Tele got you hooked on Teles?

    Broke a string at a gig and no spare, other player let me use his 2nd git, a '68 Tele that he hated. For me it was my first time playing one and i just loved it. 10 years later I returned a stupid multi fx/preamp junk I bought at a small music store in town and he had 2 things that I took for...
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    The most disgusting tele that has become my favorite

    Bedroom Queen!! I thought it would be uglier than Brother Kurt's T The thing with those dents though, is that they are the first chapter of the story of your Tele. Dave Farrell gigged his Music Man bass for some time after some on-stage modifications. I think it could use a little bit off the...