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    Give me ideas for my Champ 600 conversion/ Mods... please

    Here’s what I did to mine: Upgraded grill cloth Upgraded speaker to Jensen MOD 6 Put tone stack resistor on a potentiometer The Champion 600 comes with a tone stack that sounds more like a Blackface amp than the Tweed Champ. By putting the tone stack resistor (I believe it’s R17) on a...
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    James Burton recommendations please

    Highly recommend his playing on Gram Parsons’ Return of the Grievous Angel. Ooh Las Vegas!
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    Everything Everywhere All at Once

    Saw it and loved it. A VERY satisfying ending, but the journey was incredible/fantastic! And yes, Jamie Lee was brilliant!
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    Have you ever found "the One"?

    I just purchased a Roland Cube 40GX and couldn’t agree more. Incredible amp that makes me forget the (many) others in my stable.
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    Master Volume vs. attenuator

    I found a used Vox AV30 that uses this strategy -tube preamp and SS power section. Two channels with 3-band eq, gain and volume for each channel plus an overall master volume. A few (but not too many) amp models to choose from and built in delay, chorus and reverb. 10” speaker which was pretty...
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    Just curious: How would you define "Americana"?

    Beat me to it! Music that sounds like you could play it on your back porch, by yourself or with a couple of friends.
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    What's the appeal of Telecasters?

    I grew up on the sound of Les Pauls and Strats. It wasn’t until much later that I tried my first Tele and was blown away. Two different-sounding pickups, volume and tone controls that you could play on numbers other than “10,” and a fast neck. Plus, no matter what style of music you play, a solo...
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    Coil Split Humbuckers

    In addition to Big Twang’s suggestion, you also might try using the pot to switch between series and parallel wiring. The two coils in parallel sound a lot like a single coil (at least to my ears) and are hum-cancelling, like a humbucker.
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    Leon Russell

    Big fan. His first two solo albums are fantastic, as is the Mad Dogs and Englishmen disc (and watch the film if you get the chance), and Leon Live. From his first album, Eric Clapton plays some tasty guitar on “Prince of Peace.” From the Wrecking Crew to his later solo stuff, he had a unique...
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    The magnificent Cindy Cashdollar

    If you haven’t heard it recently, Cindy does a great job on Cold Roses by Ryan Adams and the Cardinals. Tasteful playing throughout the two discs.
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    The magnificent Cindy Cashdollar

    I also saw them during the Folk Festival. Went to see Redd and got lucky that Cindy was there too! As I recall, they performed a couple of times during the weekend. I saw rpthem in the late afternoon/early evening.
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    Squier Affinty project

    For me, the big attraction is the thinner body on older models. I picked up a used Affinity about 10 years ago, and I’ve loved it. That being said, I also have upgraded it several times along the way. I liked the original neck, but it was too thin/small for me (and I have medium- to small...
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    Thoughts on Fender Champ 600?

    I got one several years ago and have enjoyed it, although it’s nowhere near being my primary amp. As has been noted, there are lots of mods that can improve the sound. First off, replace the diaper-like grill cloth. (Get some fabric from a fabric store instead of buying specialty cloth.) That...
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    Single-Ended Musings, Part III: Princeton Reverb SE, or Vibro Champ Type R?

    I’ve got a Vibro Champ Custom Reverb that might check a lot of your boxes. 5-watt Blackface tone, 10” speaker, Reverb and Tremelo. It came out last year and I’ve loved mine. Great cleans and breaks up nicely when pushed. It might be worth a look if you want to go with something stock.