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    ISO tuning keys 1964 custom telecaster

    Hey there, I have a 2 sets of new old stock 60's double line klusons. I believe I also may have a couple of singles too. Please PM me if interested (and theses are what you're looking for) and let me know if it's an end key, (high or low E) or middle (A to B) one. I've had them stashed away...
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    Separated at birth?

    And Morey Amsterdam....and Rose Marie..and the guy who played Mel.....and Rusty! Great old show. MTM (along with Barbara Feldon, Elizabeth Montgomery and several others) were crush material when I was a younger lad....
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    Painful Re-union

    4 hours seems about right. Open up with Stormy Monday and you only have 2 more hours to go!
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    "You Had One Job . . . "

    As Maxwell Smart would have said; "He was THIS close......''
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    "You Had One Job . . . "

    Looks like they hired me! My motto used to be; "I cut it three times, and it's still too short!" To the relief of many, sharp tools have been removed from my hands.
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    Monoprice Stage Right 15w combo owners. Got rust?

    Well, I heard somewhere that rust never sleeps. Apparently, it may take a quick, cat-nap from time to time. I've had my MP 15 for 3-5 years rust! Oh yeah, still got the stock tubes and much hated Celestion speaker. Still sounds real darn good as it is.
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    Best Single Coil Pup Clarity many to say! I really, really dig to so many different single coil pickups, it's hard to limit it to one. I'm sure about Gold Foils though.....I've had and used various GF's over the years. As much as I love the DeArmonds, the Teisco style fit what my ears like to hear a bit better...
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    Here I go again

    Oh man....that is waaay too cool! Love it Dave!
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    Hand Bender - Swedish B-Bender

    Seems like a harbinger of handbenders! Just have to say, it looks real cool. I had a BLAST back in the day with my Hipshot B-G bender with drop D on E string. Wish I still had it at times....but going from Country to Classic Rock to Top 40 to 50's-60's to R&B/Reggae to Blues to Worship...
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    Red, White, and Blue Sunday

    Hot, blue and righteous!!
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    Putting a Gibson PAF in a 70s style HH Tele Thinlne

    My 2 cents (fwiw) is to go ahead and swap the Gibson hummer in there. I would suggest trying it with the stock 250K pots first and see how it goes. After 35-40 years of modding/swapping/etc, I still prefer my neck buckers in teles to have 250K pots. Seymour Duncan seems to agree with me, but no...
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    Man oh man. So sorry! Friday night.....what a way to get a buzz on.
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    - Your words to live by -

    It's better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt. If you don't like the way I drive, stay off the sidewalk. If you're going to be a turd, go lay in the yard.
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    2022 chambered Tele Brotherhood build

    Very, very cool!! I love a chambered tele. Great work. My avatar tele is a most wonderful 21 year old, chambered Mahogany body (and KILLER neck) from USACG when Tommy was going strong. Absolutely the best tele (for my needs) ever.
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    What do you call a group of Telecasters?

    After my first, then second, then third tele, I found out it (not so!) suddenly turns "An addiction of Teles"......just saying!