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    Fender waxed paper capacitor's

    If there is tone wood there also must be tone partial board and toilet paper thin plywood because I have heard cheap built crud made out of stuff like that which sounds way better than anything that comes out of fenders custom shop. Not saying anything that comes out of fender custom shop is any...
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    When you finally find that guitar that speaks to you from the very first strum.

    My next acoustic I will probably just build the one I want. Cut the perfing make a couple jigs I guess. I tear up an acoustic in more ways than one. The electric I play I was just playing and it sounds phenomenal through my amp. It's like any type of tone I want I just make my fingers put that...
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    The most "respectable" - or likable - big corporation in the world

    I mean I like Yamaha to an extent. I wouldn't buy any of there electric guitar gear. I know they use to make pro guitars. Not in a long time. There cheap acoustics are good for what they are cheap acoustics. I wouldn't buy any of the expensive ones they aern't as good as the cheap ones. Any of...
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    Fun Guy

    The poisonous ones I found looked nothing like oysters. They were little orange ones I think that can be confused with gymnopilus speceis. Haven't found any of them so I don't know and from pics on the net it's easy to confuse mushrooms. At least it is to me. There are a lot of mushrooms that...
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    Random trussrod question

    If you strip a nut it's either you add some huge error or there was something wrong with the nut in the first place. I adjust how ever much it needs it right then.
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    Fun Guy

    I'm big into mycology. I'm still pretty sure I wouldn't eat oysters. I found some in woods near me they are cool to find. I also found one of the only poisonous mushrooms in this region.
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    USACG China connection

    I wouldn't mind if I was getting special Chinese hardwood and they were paying the people who were working on the bodies and paint 30+ an hour. With the quality being top notch. The reality is it would be cheap import bodies made by people who's pay scale makes it impossible to own a house or...
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    Refret Advice Needed

    I like jumbos but if your guitar has frets that are fine it's not going to make much difference. For no string buzz just level your frets and make sure your truss rod is set up right. Should be able to lower the strings to a really low action.
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    First amp build: 5F1 - with question

    If those didn't change the hum it's something else. It's not your expectations. I just looked at a pick of your wiring It The green wires should be tucked away better near the edge of the bottom of the amp. I'm not exactly sure how you have your grounding I know I used a grounding bar at the...
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    OK, Linux Geeks, Points to You!

    Glad you got it up and running. Lubuntu's Desktop Environment isn't very pretty. Might be other light weight options. You can add that software to any OS easily. It's not just Linux. Still as long as they don't know the password they shouldn't be able to do anything catastrophic.
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    Had to eject a 61yr old woman from work today

    People think just because they are old they can act as crazy as they really are and get away with anything. I don't have anytime for crazy old people especially old ladies. There should be laws against this type of thing. A lot of times if you tell them they just act crazier. You should be able...
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    The World Hates Runners

    When ever I run or actually almost do anything with my feet I give women as much personal space as possible. I switch sides of the road. It's hard to describe and teach manors on a forum. If I see a woman at the grocery store walking down the lane and I am crossing in front of that lane I back...
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    Mexican Coca-Cola!

    I know I know people may like cane sugar better just stating my opinion and Corn syrup gets a bad wrap for a lot of reasons. Just thought I would stick up for it a bit.
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    Marketing the only thing that counts is brand recognition. Surveys and invasive stuff only give people a negative feeling about a product. That's one reason internet advertising is so wacky. You can build a brand for pretty much anything. If I get the shyster feeling like a lot of internet adds...
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    Mexican Coca-Cola!

    I recently quite all caffeine. Yes I am out of my mind. It's a hard freaking drug to quite. That being said. I like corn syrup. I don't know why everyone is out to get it. If you drink enough of the high octane stuff yeah it will make you fat. Don't drink that much of it and eat a piece of fruit...