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    Are Local Bands Getting Worse?

    I walked into an audition and saw the drummer with a click track machine. Knew it was bad news right there.
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    PSA - Airports and guitars and gear

    Hard to believe - Air Canada trip from London, England back to Montreal in 1971. My bought new 68 twin reverb silverface had no speaker magnets, they had fallen off and were lying on the bottom of the amp. Baggage staff must have thrown or dropped it 40 feet. Speakers were Jansen Concert...
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    Parting with a beloved 68 Tele (not all original)

    I have a 68 that I bought new that year. Similar to that one in many respects but still have original pickguard and bridge plus it wasn't re-fretted with jumbo frets, but was done to preserve the feel of it. Am under the impression they would bring around $5K but I guess they are worth whatever...
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    Stepping in for a another guitarist. Proper decorum.

    I asked a keyboard player to come into a session last week. He was exceptional a couple of years back but everything stopped at that time due to pandemic. Maybe it was the 2 year break. He was so happy to be asked into it he blew his brains out all night, was way too loud with no dynamics...
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    Putting a Gibson PAF in a 70s style HH Tele Thinlne

    I had a 74 Gibson PAF installed in my 68 tele for a couple of years using 250K original pots. Too much bottom end on two bass strings A & E but a pretty good clean sound for what I do. Can take off the bass hump at the amp by lowering a couple of numbers on bass control. Eventually changed it...
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    Is Cakewalk worth the effort?

    I slide the individual guitar tracks into time when I hear latency problems.
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    Les Paul Custom - help me decide

    Coincidental - I have a 74 Cherry burst Les Paul Custom which is also marked "second" for no apparent reason. One of the pickups went south so I replaced them with a Seymour Duncan Jazz neck, JB bridge. Also had a fret-job done but not with those fretless wonder frets. Don't remember what the...
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    Bartholomew plus Three - 1967. Am I an old fart or what ???

    Here's one of the sessions we did at Atlantic, NY way back with Corky Laing on drums, Felix Pappalardi producing, Tom Dowd as engineer. Remake of an oldie for the President of the record company, special project. That studio was like magic with Tom there. I think it made #80 or whatever on...
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    Adjusting levels sucks lol....

    Always mix bass and drums first - with everything else off. The only way to start IMO. Last thing I recorded on my PC got 5 likes on FB...but I do it for myself not other people.
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    Neck humbucker opinions

    Dimarzio DP211 - Eric Johnson humbucker...have that combination on a vintage tele, best one I've used over the years since cutting it for a humbucker at the neck. Have to lower the bass side of the p/u slightly but is way better than the other 2 or 3 PAF that I used over the years - which were...
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    Chambered AVRI 52 telecaster, Pickps

    Fender marketing and Sales ploy to sell a few more units.
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    Man get me this tone...

    I play Blues, a few jazz standards, soft-rock. Amp volume depends upon what I'm using but guitar volume control is always turned down until it's just coming on and treble control is approx 75% down on the guitar always. If I'm using a Fender amp the treble control on the amp is below 3, bass...
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    I think my playing career might actually be over.....

    I dye my hair and lie about my age...
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    Do Fender use higher quality electronic components in their USA-made guitars?

    I bought a new Fender 3 way switch to replace an original on my 68 tele after about 50 years. Piece of junk compared to the original from 1968. Put back the original switch - easier to solder, more solid, better built, better contact - no comparison. Thought I would be making an improvement...

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