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    It will buff out, I think 🤔

    Run it through a wood chipper...
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    Seeking advice for outdoor gig

    Don't eat the chili dogs and soda, bring something decent for yourself and your buddy.
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    Valve stocking

    I was fortunate to stock up on old tubes at garage sales, etc. 30-40 years ago. probably the only smart thing I've ever done. 😜
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    Ugliest Band Ever

    Being as ugly or uglier as most of these guys, I have no room to judge... :cool:
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    Why is Fender putting plastic nuts on guitars over $1,000?

    I agree completely. Even way back when, Leo Fender sought out the cheapest way to build a guitar. Sometimes all the parts come together and you have a very good instrument, other times it's just passable. A good ear and strong fingers can make a passable instrument sing, once it is set-up correctly.
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    Drinking, playing guitar and motivation

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    Dangerous toys from our youth.

    You could flip those suckers 50 feet in the air, at least.
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    boild penuts

    Probably had to stop for other reasons... ;-|
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    boild penuts

    I've tried them and couldn't enjoy them for some reason... I also have issues with okra. Love the taste but can't get past the slime.
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    About the ES-335 . . . .

    My 3 favorites... exactly.
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    .022 or .047 cap?

    If there is no LCD screen to keep me "entertained" then, ho-hum...
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    Walk songs

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    That moment when you like the way your cheap $240 partscaster plays more than your $1K partscaster.

    According to that way of thinking, nothing on Earth happened before 1839...? :D:eek::lol:

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