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    Ideas 5e3 cab and volume

    Easiest? Less efficient speaker, done. Works better than any other method I know of (outside of something like a Fryette PS100 or something). I recently swapped speakers to go the other way (my 5e3 doesn't keep up here in SoCal at the local Blues jams. They're a loud bunch! Anyway, I went...
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    Louder Speaker for 5E3 tweed deluxe?

    Been a minute.... But, I can finally give a report on my idea of throwing the Creamback 65 into my 5e3! It was a good decision. I had done it before a jam a few weeks ago, but ended up never playing through it. I had, honestly, forgotten I had done it. Then, I went to grab it to take to...
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    Amp with the most Controls?

    LOL I had a Mesa Mk IV back in the day... It had three channels, reverb, master volume, 3 band eq knobs and a 5-band graphic EQ, triode/pentode/ and about a million other knobs and switches... Front (not my photo): Back (also, not my photo): And, yeah, it also weighed a metric ton... 1...
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    SRV 8-ohm speaker 2-ohm OT

    Well, here's a little bit of my perspective on the whole big transformer thing... I am sure some of it was about volume, but I think a lot of it has to do with clarity in the bass frequencies. I say this because of two of my amps. Same circuit, one's 40-ish watts and one is 80 watts. Same...
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    Amp with the most Tubes?

    Funny thought hit me a few minutes ago? What amp can you think of with the most tubes? I mean, I've only played amps with up to four tubes. But, there's gotta be some mad scientist stuff out there. Watcha got?
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    SRV 8-ohm speaker 2-ohm OT

    The problem is, you're incorrect about which Vibroverb Circuit to use. SRV Owned '64 Vibroverbs. They were blackface circuits. The bronwface ones are the 1963 Vibroverb circuit. They aren't the same amps and don']t sound the same. However, I would never do that kind of mismatch without...
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    How to get valve chart off in one piece

    I have a tweed Twin, I've been avoiding doing this to for a couple of years... Afraid I might ruin it. The steam thing makes sense and is the one thing I am 'almost' willing to try. I will keep an eye on this thread and hope you come up wiht an easy solution!
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    5E3 high hiss from unused volume knob

    The Channel I'm plugged into is massively effected by the unused volume... Mine behaves just like the one in this video:
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    5E3 high hiss from unused volume knob

    If it's any consolation, my Cox Ultimate 5e3 makes similar noise... I tend to fiddle with the volume knobs randomly until I get it to go away, then dial back tot he then I'm looking for.... Annoying, but not enough for me to remember long enough to put the amp not he bench. LOL
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    These grill clothes are...?

    Here's a short, quick list: Monotone Speaker Builder Supply Amplified Parts I tend to purchase most of my grill cloth from Amplified Parts. But, not sure why, other than they tend to have what I want at a price I'm willing to pay at the time.... I have used All Parts, Hoffman, probably a...
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    '59 Bassman Reissue noise

    It's the first step down the gain stage highway. Any noise created there gets amplified over and over again.
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    Tweed Bassman PT Headaches

    When I rebuilt my '58 Twin nd '59 Bassman Reissue, I ended up using a WR4 Weber Copper Cap. This is the equivalent of a 5r4 (I think that's the right tube). It lowered my B+ to within a couple volts fo those on the schematics. It supposedly drops voltage by ~67 volts, according to the...
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    Replace power on/off switch on Pro Reverb

    I live in SoCal, and could probably help you do this work, or maybe just be here for answers. Hit me up with a PM if you're anywhere near Beaumont.... I'm with the other guys, working inside amps can be very dangerous. It's not insurmountable, and the work you're talking about doing is not...
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    '59 Bassman Reissue noise

    Well, Not to really confuse things... But V1 is usually the noisiest tube when you tap on it. But, I bet you've narrowed the issue down to the location in the circuit. Might try another 12ay7? Might also be some other component nearby?
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    Perfect amp? A 35 watt small 5f6-a?

    Oh, believe me, There will be hundreds of hours of practice completed before I actually get around to building this dream amp of mine. Luckily, I have a few nice amps as it is, so I don't have to suffer much. @Wally - You are the ultimate cheerleader for the Prosonic! (And, yes, I do want...