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    Show us your Pedal board.

    I’m pretty happy with my new set up. I’m doing lead guitar, not flashy but adding colours and textures etc.
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    Anyone using the TC Electronics Plethora X5?

    Had one and sold it after a few months. It’s a very good product, but I found limitations. 1) I prefer analog modulation for the sound quality 2) although very well designed and simple, it’s still fiddly 3) although you have many effects, you only have 5 at a time. Sure you can have like...
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    Can’t stand U2? Nor can Bono

    They've been packing arenas and stadiums for over 40 years and we're discussing them today. Doin something right I'd say. IMHO, a great band. Go see them live and you might agree. Are they perfect? lol, no. Is any band? Well, maybe led zeppelin was, but that's just not fair.
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    Les Paul- smooth toneful pickups

    I tried this and it made a difference... the bridge squeal went away completely and the neck reduced and changed pitch... phoned my tech, and he recommended just removing the covers.. I suppose this is a more preventative approach than trying to dampen the covers? I do like the way they...
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    Les Paul- smooth toneful pickups

    just an update - procrastinating my work day (from home) and plugged in again. I realized that with the gain high, I can roll back the volume without losing much, except the squealing. So, the acid test will be when my BE-OD deluxe finally arrives. If I can get away with volume at 6 or 7...
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    Les Paul- smooth toneful pickups

    Just pulled the trigger on ordering the 57 and 57+. I was thinking about non plus in bridge, but it doesn't seem too hot, and why not go for a little extra :). Mine will go to 11 Thanks guys, I've had a few people recommend these, so seems like a prudent choice.
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    Les Paul- smooth toneful pickups

    yeah, it seems to me it's not worth the risk and cost.. Better to keep them for when I grow up and turn the gain down.. They sound incredible with anything up to "tubescreamer" type gain.
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    Les Paul- smooth toneful pickups

    Hi all, I’m not a member of any Les Paul forum, and so hoping for some advice from my tele brethren. On impulse grabbed a great deal on an used tribute Gibson LP. I knew pretty quick that the 490 pickups would come out, just seems a little spikey and harsh to me. After research, I...
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    Can you get a Tele to sound like a Strat?

    Nothing sounds quite like a strat except a strat. The neck pickup is an iconic tone. That said, the neck on my tele gets me close enough for what I need, with more versatility. I sold my strat and got a Les Paul, but I digress. If you really want strat tone, get a strat.
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    How many delay pedals do you have/actively use?

    Went digital and just got a deluxe carbon copy. Wow, forgot how nice analog is. It sounds like a real instrument being played back at you, rather than just an effect. Nice pedal!
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    68 Custom Princeton for Gigs?

    Had a cpr. Nice little amp, but seems to need mods. I’m not a mod guy, but even I did the bass pot resister jumper and tried a few speakers. way too bassy/muddy stock. Sounds good but gets old quick. Once I got my deluxe (65 drri) I was a lot happier. A 12 inch speaker sounds bigger and...
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    Good multi fx for acoustic

    Both my guitars are equipped with kk mini pickups. I’ve discovered the redeye DI which is a great match. it has an effects loop, and so I would like to have some features tuner Maybe chorus Make comp Eq Even a looper might be useful thinking there’s gotta be a good all in one. Thing is, I...
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    N NGD.. addendum to my OM28 post

    Nice. I might "end up" with an OM one of these days. I also really like the OOO28 EC or regular. and the 18s can be amazing too. As mentioned above, it's all about just finding "the one." Aren't they just sooo comfortable? Of course, everyone should have a dread as well.
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    NAD... idi, vidi, vinci...

    Congrats. I couldn't imagine gigging that sweet guitar into an fm212. Lol.
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    Which Tone Master?

    Yeah to answer the op, if I was set on a tonemaster, it would probably be the twin. Weight and volume aren't concerns, so why limit oneself? That said, I was trying to like an used trri that was a good deal, (actually there were two) and the ended up paying a fair bit more for a new drri...